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365 Pumpkin a little off?

Published November 26, 2013 by Vegan Derby Cat Party


Just a heads up!

I made a couple of pies (my recipe here) tonight and discovered two things:

1. My new oven runs a bit hot.
2. The [Whole Foods] 365 pumpkin is a little weird this year.

As soon as I opened the can I noticed it was a really deep orange that seemed a little unfamiliar. The baked result had a little tang to it? In the past I thought the 365 brand was tastiest, but I’d urge you to skip it this year if you haven’t done your shopping yet. We’re heading to the store now to pick up some extra items, and some different pumpkin.

Good luck and happy baking! 🙂

Sinfully Good Salad Bar

Published February 7, 2012 by Vegan Derby Cat Party


Work was a little crazy this morning, so I wasn’t able to get out early enough to go home for lunch. Which also meant I wasn’t going to get to eat that raw caesar topped with leftover marinated tofu that I had been looking forward to. So I decided to hit the Whole Foods buffet instead. I got this monster of a salad which included:

Lots of kale, carrots, broccoli slaw, zucchini, red peppers, quinoa, wheat berries, lentils, sunflower seeds, buffalo tofu, lemon juice, dill & nutritional yeast.

I enjoyed this SO much, and it totally hit the spot for a mostly raw lunch, with some cooked grains/proteins. I saved most of the buffalo tofu for Thomas, because it’s his favorite, but pretty much killed this massive salad! : )

I love that Whole Foods has a buffet for when you can’t actually get to your own kitchen!  

Whole Foods Prepared Foods Feast

Published September 22, 2011 by Vegan Derby Cat Party


We were doing our weekly grocery shopping on sunday, kinda late, and took a little detour over to prepared foods. Thomas has lots of faves and recommendations, since he used to work at a WF, in this very department. The Buffalo Garlic Tofu is his favorite. We’ve had it before and every once in a while he’ll drive to WF, specifically for the purpose of satisfying his craving for it. It’s really good. We also got the Emerald Sesame Greens which were a little bitter and flavored with ginger, but contrasted well with the sweet Citrus Wheat Berry & Beet Salad, both in flavor and in color. We also tried two types of burgers, the Grain Burgers and the Feel Your Oats Burgers. The grain burgers were really great and mushroom based. The FYO burgers were threaded with all kinds of nice veggies, but left a little to be desired because they were very mushy inside. I tried to bake them to firm them up, to no avail. I ended up mashing them down and baking them to dry them out, and then they were pretty tasty, but I wouldn’t get them again. Overall, we had a very nice vegan feast and I got the night off from cooking to boot! : )


Cheeseless Pizza + Daiya = Happy Vegan Pizza

Published June 5, 2011 by Vegan Derby Cat Party

Okay, so there are quite a few choices for prepackaged frozen vegan pizzas out there now, most of which I think I’ve reviewed!  However, I still find that adding my own Daiya to either a home made pizza or a frozen cheeseless one still gives me the best results for my palate. I keep all 3 flavors of Daiya (though I still haven’t tried the pepperjack yet, but the reviews are awesome) in the freezer at all times. Keeping in the freezer lets you just use however much you need without the worry of it going bad after opening.

My two current faves are the Amy’s roasted veggie cheeseless pizza, and the 365/Whole Food house label personal size vegan cheeseless pizzas.

My frozen pizza making usually goes like this…

1. Preheat toaster oven. I use the convection setting. Remove pizza from box. Remove overwrap. Cut pizza box open and place pizza on it*.

2. Shake nutritional yeast, oregano, and crushed red peppers all over pizza. Top with preferred amount of Daiya cheese(s).

3. Bake 10 minutes. Cut into 4ths or 6ths or 8ths. Eat. YUM!

*this keeps everything clean. you can dress the pizza in the cut open box. put the pizza in to bake. shake out the mess, and then cut it back in the box. oh? you have some leftover? close the box, and put it in the fridge!

Whole Foods 365 Vegan Gluten-Free Rice Crust Pizza

Published May 24, 2011 by Vegan Derby Cat Party

So here is my follow up to my review of their whole wheat crust version.  This was surprisingly great! Not only was the crust delicious, but the toppings were plentiful! Same great sauce and veggies as the whole wheat one. I’m not the gluten-free type, but I think I may have liked this just as much, if not better than the whole wheat one. I topped it with nutritional yeast, oregano, crushed red peppers and a handful of Daiya mozzarella before baking.

SO GOOD! And a wonderful, quick lunch.

PS – I bake for 10 minutes, at 425* on my toaster oven’s convection setting.

Whole Foods 365 Frozen Vegan Pizza

Published May 12, 2011 by Vegan Derby Cat Party

So here is the third of my reviews of new vegan frozen options. These little personal pizzas are Whole Foods’ 365 house label’s new offerings. They are well priced, and come in whole wheat or gluten free rice crust. No fake cheese here, which may be a plus for some, no soy, and the only allergen in this one is wheat.

The toppings were not really very plentiful. (EDIT: to be fair, the second one I bought had WAY more toppings! this is probably not the norm!!!)

I decided to sprinkle on a little nutritional yeast and a generous amount of Daiya mozzarella before cooking.

The results were really good! I liked the crust, the sauce was tasty, and the veggies were a good combination (although they could have used more!).

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