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The triumphant return of Highline: Seattle’s only vegan bar!

Published March 20, 2014 by Vegan Derby Cat Party


Around a month ago, a wonderful, fantastic, should-I-really-get-my-hopes-up? rumor started fluttering around vegan circles in Seattle… Highline is going to re-open their kitchen, but just for brunch. I was overjoyed, and immediately planned on starting a twitter campaign to let them know that I supported them. (Which I promptly forgot about, and never ended up doing!) Fortunately for us, this rumor turned out to be partially true.

Highline was planning to re-open, but only for dinner between the hours of 4 and 8, and only on Mondays and Tuesdays, to start.

So of course we were there on the very first day of renewed food service. And the day after. And the week after that. And so on.  Afterall, this is the bar we most fell in love with as soon as we moved to Seattle. The whole first year we lived in First Hill, we would check craigslist for apartments, and map them to see how close we could get to it. So you can imagine how sad we were when they closed their kitchen last summer. And even more so every time we passed the glowing sign these last 5 months, since we did in fact end up moving ever so close by.

So here’s what they promised:

We’ll be serving food from 4pm-8pm Monday’s and Tuesday’s for the next while. The menu and days, though short and sweet now, will expand as the weeks pass by. We’re looking forward to seeing everyone over the few weeks! On behalf of all the staff, a HUGE “thank you” to everyone who’s helped spread the word and aims to support us! This is a long time in the works and we expect to exceed everyone’s expectations. love-Highline Bar

And here’s what they delivered:

More Cumin Than Cumin Tacos and Seitan Fingers

More Cumin Than Cumin Tacos $9,  and Seitan Fingers $8

The above was from the opening night. They even came over to see how the food was, and to get our feedback on how we thought the reinvented Seitan Fingers compared. We were thrilled. They now have a dedicated taco section to their abbreviated menu, and after having these, and the ones from Taco Tuesdays of the past, I think it was an extremely wise and tasty decision!

Crazy Train and Reubender, $10 each, or $12 with a side

Crazy Train and Reubender, $10 each, or $12 with a side

These sandwiches were okay. I ordered the Reubender and it was pretty good, though I’ve had better. Thomas seemed to like it a lot, but to be fair, that’s typically the type of sandwich Thomas will order, and not so much my go to. I thought his sandwich was pretty good, except it was just a bit on the bland side. Either the tofu needed marinade or it needed a punchier sauce. They didn’t ask that week, so I didn’t get to give them the feedback that time. Not bad though. I’ve always loved whatever bread that is that they use.

Then there was a week when we didn’t get there in time for food, but stayed for a little while for Britt’s birthday. (Not pictured!)

The Bell Toll $10, and that night's special: Cactus, Potato, Soyrizo tacos $9

The Bell Toll $10, and that night’s special: Cactus, Potato, Soyrizo tacos $9

This was from our food last week. I decided to go with that night’s special, despite the crazy sounding cactus that was throwing everyone off. I’m pretty sure I’ve had cactus before, and basically as long as it’s not an animal or a mushroom, I’m game. YUM! I saved one for later, and it ended up still being really good after sitting in the fridge for nearly a week. Haha. Yah, totally ate it days later. 😉 Thomas’ sandwich was good too, especially after clearing all the mushrooms off!


So far, so good! We really love the punk, gothy, rock vibe of this bar, and will be supporting them in all their efforts. It was easy for people from other vegan friendly towns to complain about this or that off the old menu, but there was a tremendous void when Highline shut down; it was the only all vegan bar we had! Personally, I had very little to complain about the old menu besides that the quality of the food was sometimes inconsistent. I think with the smaller menu and their concerted effort, they’ll be able to keep that in check this time around, and hopefully be able to expand their dinner service again too!


The new booze menu!

The new booze menu!

A very poorly lit pic of their new menu!

Highline – Seattle, WA

Published January 27, 2013 by Vegan Derby Cat Party


I’ve been super beat lately adjusting to the new job wake up time. Getting up at the time I got used to going to bed for the last 3 months, has been a bit rough, so I apologize for the little hiatus of slacking here at the blog. Also, because Highline is one of our favorite places in Seattle so far, I wanted to make sure to give you a proper review, so I took my time writing it over the course of a few visits.

I say proper review, because I’m the type of person that reads a lot of reviews, and I found some of the reviews I read about Highline before going to be highly inaccurate. So I will start by setting the record straight!

Debunking the Highline myths created by happycow and yelp reviewers…

The first thing you need to know about Highline is that it is a BAR. A pub. A lounge. A venue. They also serve food, but that doesn’t automatically mean you can bring your children in here. It is NOT a family restaurant, that’s why it says NO MINORS on the front door. IT IS A BAR.

The second thing  you need to know is that Highine isn’t a dive bar contrary to what several reviewers seem to believe. Not to say that dive bars are bad in any way. I love dive bars, but bars with granite counter tops don’t qualify as dive bars in my book, maybe that’s just me.

The third thing I read and found untrue, was that it’s in a trashy neighborhood? Umm? It’s right on Broadway, in Capitol Hill. Do you think that’s a bad neighborhood, because I don’t. Yes, it’s directly upstairs from a store that sells lingerie and adult toys, but it’s actually a very nice store, with a thoughtful layout and a professional staff. 🙂


Things that are true about Highline?

They have delicious food, it’s all vegan, and most of it wouldn’t really be considered health food. Now, there are a few salads on the menu (which I have yet to try!), but what they do exquisitely well is bar food. For example, they have vegan fish and chips. Seriously. The above burrito is actually what brought us in for the 1st time. They had it as their daily special, and Thomas needed a burrito fix badly one afternoon, so we decided to go check it out.


I had the THE PELE wrap $8 / Maple teriyaki tempeh with pineapple, spinach, cabbage, red onions, miso-sriracha aioli, which as you can imagine was absolutely awesome.


We shared the pickle chips, which have become Thomas’ new favorite food. They come served with ranch dressing. They kick butt.


Here is the full bar as glimpsed over the shiny granite counter top. Highline doesn’t just pour icy cold beers, they also have a large list of house infused liquors and signature drinks. I’m a big fan of the ginger infused bourbon. In fact, that’s mostly what I drank all night on New Year’s when we came back for a special NYE edition CAKEAROKE (karaoke with vegan cake).  Here is my New Year’s cupcake being presented to me by Joe the bartender.


Granite aside, it’s a pretty punk rock place, which we love. A lot of the staff is in, or tours with bands, and you’ll find lots and lots of ink, piercings and dreads on both the help and the customers. They also HAD a bad bathroom situation going, (but they would give you a key to the nicer bathroom in the hallway adjacent to the bar, if you asked!) but that has recently been remedied!

And this is not just a place for vegans either, pretty much everyone cool that we meet seems to love Highline, and like the food. Here’s their appetizer list…


I really need to try those sweet potato tater tots next! And here are their nachos…


They’re supposed to come with a nooch sauce too, but didn’t the day I ordered these. Didn’t matter, they were still super good.


Along with some pickle chips, we also split an order of SATAN FINGERS with buffalo sauce that were fantastic.

I highly recommend Highline if you’re in Seattle. We plan on taking all of our friends here when they visit. We have yet to be there for a band night, but they have all kinds of things go down here like all you can eat spaghetti and movie nights, trivia night, the aforementioned cakearokee, and an industrial night too.

Highline is located at 210 Broadway E, Seattle, Washington 98102. Open Mon – Fri: 3:00 pm – 2:00 am and they open extra early on the weekend for BRUNCH! Sat – Sun: 11:00 am – 2:00 am (206) 328-7837,,

Brunch at Darbster, WPB/LW, Fl

Published November 7, 2011 by Vegan Derby Cat Party

On Saturday, I was down in South Beach celebrating with a soon to be bride for her bachelorette party, and by the end of the night, I ended up one very hungry girl. With only a little hummus as my dinner, and the two burritos I had for lunch being just a faint memory by the wee hours, I was absolutely famished. Literally, my stomach hurt from hunger! I ended up at the 24 hour pharmacy picking up some Triscuits and raw nuts to eat before bed. Sunday morning I woke up with a sense of purpose (and more hunger!); I was going to go to Darbster for Sunday brunch!

the bride to be!

See, I’ve been meaning to try Darbster’s brunch for EVER, but we never get out of bed early enough to get there before 2pm. I know, Thomas & I sleep like adolescents. That’s the beauty of having cats for children. They just let us do whatever we want. ; ) So being that I had no control over my wake up time, and that I was already dressed and in a car by noon, I figured this was the best chance I’d get, and I made the journey north. Here is my trek on a map, just so you realize how dedicated I was:

I had already decided before I got there that I was going to order at least 2 items since I may never be up that early on a Sunday again. I knew I wanted french toast or pancakes, and a more savory dish too. When I told the waitress I was going to order two things she said, “I’m not judging”. 😉 Which was actually really great, because I remember the first time I went there and ordered a bunch of food, the waitress (she wasn’t there for too long) kept telling me that I was ordering too much food. (Really?!) Aside from the one food phobic girl that waited on me that first time, I’ve had nothing but excellent service from super warm hearted people at Darbster, and that always makes the experience twice as nice.

AM Quesadilla: hash brown, eggs, cheddar, salsa $10.00

So for my savory dish, I chose the AM Quesadilla. It was stuffed with tofu scramble, large cut home fries, mushrooms (not in the description, but at least fungi and I are starting to be friends now, so it was OK.) and just a hint of queso (Daiya cheddar), contrary to what you might expect. It came drizzled with vegan sour cream and presented with a nice dollop of guacamole and a side of salsa. I am the type of person that needs ketchup and hot sauce to make eggy dishes feel complete, but I refrained in order to get the flavor of the dish. Honestly, it wasn’t a really fair taste test though, because I had already eaten half of the yummiest vegan french toast I’ve had to date… I had a few more bites and then proceeded to annihilate said toast. I did however, take it home and eat it for dinner properly with ketchup and hot sauce. ; )


Challah French Toast: cinnamon and nut crusted with maple syrup, fruit, whipped cream and sausages $10.00

Hi, this is vegan brunch heaven on a plate! This hits on SO MANY LEVELS! The french toast was perfect… toasty edges and a slight mush in the middle. Well flavored and topped with rice whip and sweet, sliced strawberries. It turns out I really didn’t need a savory dish to balance out my meal because it came with two plump, delicious veggie sausages that I proceeded to cut up into little pieces so that they could be a part of every amazing bite. The fruit salad was cut up into teeny little pieces that were bursting with flavor. This plate is masterful and enough to make even this dedicated weekend slumberer re-think her ways (at least occasionally!). I have a feeling I will be craving this fairly often! AWESOME.

Darbster is open for Brunch on Sunday from 11 am to 3 pm. Do yourself a favor and GO! Oh yah, and there’s live music on the deck. The dude even played Norwegian Wood (Beatles) which made my breakfast [in my Abbey Road t-shirt] that much better. ; )

Beehive Juice Bar – Miami, Fl

Published July 29, 2011 by Vegan Derby Cat Party

And now for Day 2 of eating vegan around Coral Gables… This was actually the 1st spot I had planned on visiting. My friends had happened on it a few days before and loved it. I looked up the reviews on, and decided that anyplace that had seitan empanadas needed a serious visit from me! I got out of work a little early Thursday, and was able to get to Beehive around 4 o’clock. (They close at 7pm.)

Unfortunately, some other empanada eating patrons had also gotten there before me because they were long gone. Carlos (the outgoing chef who mans the counter) told me that if I was ever down that way, to call ahead, and they’ll set some aside in the oven. Apparently they go quick, and people tend to stock up!

But I’m getting ahead of myself… let me start at the beginning. First, you really need to know where you’re going, because even if you do, you may miss it. I had to go twice around the strip mall before finding the vitamin shop store front. Inside it’s a crowded little store of health store merch, vitamins, powders, dry and canned goods, etc. In the very back is the juice bar and cafe area, a little counter space with stools to sit about 7.

Before I could even say a word, Carlos was handing me soup samples in little plastic cups and explaining that one was squash and the other lentil. The lentil was a little bland and completely congealed, but the squash was tasty. (This is when I asked about the empanadas.) The guy to my right immediately made room for me to sit down, and suggested I try the seitan and mushroom pie that he had just finished devouring. Carlos launched into explanations of all that was available, but despite my serious aversion to mushrooms, I decided to follow the local’s suggestion. I also got the potato salad to go with it.

Seitan and Mushroom Pie w/ Potato Salad

It was actually completely delicious, the potato salad especially, and maybe it was the fact that I was starving, but I ate every last little mushroom.

I sort of wish that I had just taken my food to go at this point. Sitting there for an extended period alone gave me way too much time to take in the environment. The condiment bottles at the counter were all filthy and covered in crumbs and crust. ALL the food was just out on the counter in open containers at room temperature. There were flies crawling over all the food and desserts. The bottles and jars on the shelves were dirty and the colander on the wall looked rusty.

I was still hungry and already there, so I ordered a Frozen Banana (&cinnamon) Custard. The longer I waited though, the more I wished I hadn’t. I avoided ordering one of the desserts on the counter purposefully after watching flies crawl all over both. Thankfully I saw that the leftover custard that was still in the machine (and ended up at the bottom of my glass) was at least the same color as the lady’s who was finishing her’s when I arrived, so not too old. This pretty concoction was passed across the counter by a dirty hand.

I wasn’t able to finish it. After hitting a few chewy bites in my custard and seeing some brown bits all I kept thinking was it was some unfortunate bug that wandered into the machine (even thought it was probably just banana), so I abandoned my dessert and paid up in a rush.

It’s really too bad that they are so obviously unaware of their lack of cleanliness, as the food really is good, very reasonably priced and all vegan. The entire meal was about $14 with tip, but I won’t be going back. A lot of the reviews on yelp had said the same thing, but I had hoped for the best. (And empanadas!)

Apparently the regular local crowd doesn’t seem to care or notice, but like I told Thomas, I was pretty sure he would’ve asked me to leave when we arrived, had he been with me. (He’s not as easily distracted as I am and would’ve noticed all of these dirty details a lot quicker!) I will say this, all the food agreed with me, and Carlos is very warm and welcoming. They seem to have a lot of regular business, the food is good home cooking style, and it’s a lot like going to visit your eccentric and not very clean uncle’s house and being fed.

If you aren’t a big fussy baby and want to check it out anyway, they are located at 5750 Bird Rd, Miami, FL 33155. And call ahead if you want to claim your empanadas! (305) 663-1300. Open Monday – Saturday 10am-7pm.

Juice & Java, Boca Raton, Fl

Published May 20, 2011 by Vegan Derby Cat Party

So ever since I found out about Juice & Java from Toni’s suggestion last week to read this review, I’ve been pretty excited to check it out. Most of their locations are in Miami, but they happen to have one about 5 minutes from my house! I immediately emailed them to find out if the soy cheese they use is vegan, and they got back to me promptly to let me know they use Follow Your Heart brand, which is. My mom and I had almost dined here a while back, but it was too packed the day we went, and we were on a time constraint. Luckily today I got out with time to beat the lunch crowd, and I’m so glad I did! I left my phone at work, accidentally, but was able to snap some pix with my mom’s.

First of all, they had SO many things that I could eat and that sounded delicious, that I wasn’t even sure where to begin. Which is a rare occurrence at a non-vegan restaurant. Their menu is huge and the wait staff is really friendly. You can pick-up/take out or sit down for service. We did the latter.

I settled on the Falafel Quinoa Specialty, $8.95, which has baked falafel, a side of tahini sauce, and organic quinoa tossed with hummus, cucumbers, and tomatoes. There were also some sunflower seeds in the mix. It was delicious, and I was happy to have my falafel without it having been deep fried.

My mom ordered the Black Bean platter with a sweet baked potato (your choice of side), which is served with avocado, (?, not present, I realize now, but it says so on the menu!) tomatoes, red cabbage, cucumbers and carrots, and a side of dressing $7.95. I was glad she went for the sweet potato, because I thought it sounded good, and she gave me half! Her black beans were pretty good too! ; )

We both really enjoyed our meals, and were full with our servings. I had been trying to see if they had the vegan cupcakes (Bunniecakes) when we first arrived, and sure enough they brought  out  a glass case filled with mini ones while we waited for our food. They had about 4 or 5 flavors, some gluten-free, all nicely decorated. I asked the waitress for her recommendation, and she said I should try the red velvet.

Red Velvet mini cupcake (gluten-free) $1.50 . I had only had red velvet cake one other time, and hadn’t been that enthused  about it, but respected her guidance. It was really good, very moist, and the [vegan] cream cheese frosting was superb. At only $1.50 I really should have taken a few home, but I enjoyed my morsel, and went happily back to work.

Juice & Java will definitely be getting my repeat business. They are so well priced ( & close!) and have such an extensive menu that this makes for an easy place to go to with any crowd. They’re located by the Town Center Mall at 21316 Saint Andrew’s Blvd, Boca Raton, Fl 33433 (contrary to the address on the website, which says State Rd. 7, do they have two Boca locations?) and open 7 days, 8am to 8pm, 561-852-2230.

Angelica Kitchen, NYC

Published April 4, 2011 by Vegan Derby Cat Party

Anytime I’m in NYC, you can bet I will be making at least one stop at Angelica Kitchen. (Read my previous review here.) It’s a fantastic macrobiotic, vegan place near Union Square, and it’s always awesome. In fact, the biggest problem I have every time I go there is NOT ordering the Sam or I sandwich, which is absolutely amazing. This time though, I was able to curb the urge and try something new, and I’m so glad that I did.

The Saturday norimaki…

Rolled vegetable sushi, served with wasabi, pickled ginger& lemon-shoyu dipping sauce (ingredients vary daily) 6 Pieces $8 / 9 Pieces $11.50

Kass wasn’t feeling so hot, so she didn’t partake in the sushi, but here is a pic of  her lovely sprout salad!

Mixed Sprout Salad… A refreshing toss of snow pea shoots, sunflower sprouts & seeds, and mint; mixed with cabbage, daikon & carrots in a cool mint vinaigrette. Adorned with toasted peanuts, onion sprouts & watercress. $8.75

Here’s the marinated tofu sandwich. I’ve had it before and it is delicious, but I still prefer the Sam or I sandwich. The picture doesn’t really do the tastiness justice.

Marinated Tofu Sandwich… Lemon herbed baked tofu layered with roasted vegetables, a smear ofparsley-almond pesto & lettuce. Served on choice of mixed grain orspelt bread. $8.75

And now onto my AWESOME selection! : D

Olé Man Seitan… Homemade seitan & roasted vegetable mix folded into a warmwhole wheat tortilla; dressed with spicy traditional mole sauce (peanuts & chocolate), & lime-jalapeño tofu sour cream;garnished with pimento. $14.50

This was incredibly good, and HUGE. The seitan had a great texture and the filling was really flavorful. It was just fantastic.

For dessert, Kass and I split one of their spelt fig newtons. It was subtly sweet and about double the size of a regular fig newton. With desserts it’s best to leave your cravings for sugar and fat laden sweets for another place. Their desserts are generally “healthy” tasting, so just expect that.

I should also mention that they don’t serve coffee or alcohol either, but it IS a BYOB place with no corking fee. So you’re more than welcome to bring whatever intoxicating libation you prefer. We didn’t, but I saw one table with what looked like a nice 6 pack of specialty beer.

Definitely check out Angelica Kitchen if you’re in the area. And try their awesome cornbread too! They have three different kinds!

Angelica Kitchen only accepts cash and is located at 300 East 12th Street, open daily from 11:30 am to 10:30 pm.

Angelica Kitchen NYC, a review

Published August 21, 2010 by Vegan Derby Cat Party

i went to angelica kitchen once while i was living in new york, and was so pleased to be able to return. it’s a macrobiotic restaurant near union square and they have a good variety of appetizers, soups, salads, entrees, baked goods and desserts, as well as daily specials.

we started with the  Curried Cashew Spread ($4.75) An intriguing live blend of raw cashews, sprouted chickpeas, freshly ground curry powder & unpasteurized miso. Accompanied by crisp crudités. this was really good, and i’d like to try to recreate it at home.

and the Saturday’s Norimaki Sesame tofu, pattypan squash, broccoli, daikon, carrots, seasoned brown rice & walnut pesto. (6 Pieces $8.00/9 Pieces $11.50)

despite my trying to order something different this time, i couldn’t resist ordering what i had back in february… the Sam or I Sandwich Herbed baked tofu layered with marinated hiziki & arame, crisp grated daikon, ruby kraut, a smear of mellow sesame spread & lettuce. Served on choice of mixed grain or spelt bread. ($8.75) or get Half a sandwich with simple salad or cup of soup & kukicha tea. ($9.50) i highly recommend this sandwich : )

kassidy got the Three Bean Chili Piquant chili made with homemade seitan, kidney and pinto beans & lentils; slowly simmered with sun-dried tomatoes and a blend of chiles; topped with lime-jalapeño tofu sour cream. Served with fluffy Southern style cornbread & cucumber-red onion salsa. (wee $9.00 grand $11.50, wee pictured) kassidy enjoyed it and i had also had also tried this previously. they’re very generous with that amazing cornbread!

we also ordered a peach cobbler pie, not pictured, but it wasn’t all that great. overall it just lacked flavor.

Angelica Kitchen is located in manhattan, near union square at 300 East 12th street, 212-228-2909, open daily from 11:30am to 10:30pm.

cpv goes to orlando: ethos vegan kitchen review!

Published July 18, 2010 by Vegan Derby Cat Party

something wonderful has happened to orlando… it has become vegan friendly in the last few years!  i’m even finishing up some very delicious vietnamese vegetarian pork leftovers as i type this to you now. the vietnamese part, that’s not new. if you are driving down 50/colonial, just east of orange, there is a vietnamese strip of restaurants and shops that’s been there forever. but just east of that, there’s now a loving hut. i wasn’t in a huge rush to go to loving hut, since i’d already tried the one in NYC, and thought it was just okay. however, there’s also a new hot spot over by O-town’s antique district: ethos vegan kitchen.

ethos vegan kitchen is a really cute little place in a hip part of downtown. it’s a few blocks before white wolf cafe. and as ash put it, is full of what seems to be all the hipsters, hipster families, hippies and lesbians in town.  it’s a casual, walk-up and order type place that then gives you a number and brings the food to your table. there is both indoor and outdoor seating.

the staff is really friendly and happy. the menu is limited, and has both hits and misses. if you ask for a glass of water, you get to have bottled water from their cooler. best of all, i found out today that the owner runs a vegan hot dog cart downtown for all the hungry people coming out of clubs and bars! super awesome. jeremy (omnivore) says he’s had them too, and that they are not only good, they’re cheaper than the meat dogs, and give you an array of topping choices.

we went not once, but twice (1 dinner, 1 brunch) in order to give you the most thorough review possible!  (though the first time i forgot to take pictures until the end!)


Dinner: chili, and philly cheese steak. 3 of us ordered the seitan based philly. (on both the win & fail list.)

jeremy really liked his chili, and bobby & mary were super impressed with their phillies.

Brunch: biscuits and jam, biscuits with sausage gravy, tofu scramble and homefries, fruit cup

the biscuits were AMAZING, albeit greasy, but hey, this is breakfast food. they came with a totally delicious jam, but i’m not sure what the flavor was.

jeremy liked how smoky the sausage gravy was, and the tofu scramblers thought that theirs was yummy & well seasoned. the homefries were nicely seasoned and cooked. overall delish. jeremy also had a pretty fruit cup & mimosa too.


Dinner: philly cheese steak, pizza,  mushroom wrap, fresh fruit, coleslaw

for me, although the cheese steak was tasty, the seitan was so greasy it sort of killed it. i could literally squeeze butter out of my soaked ciabatta roll by pressing with a fork. bobby & mary felt this was allowed, because it was after all supposed to be a cheesesteak.

laura also had an entirely greasy, and thus soggy pizza. she did get seitan as a topping though, and i think this was the root of all the problems. the preparation is just WAY to oily!

ash was equally unimpressed with her mushroom wrap because the mushroom was completely waterlogged and dripping through the wrapper. she was also dissapointed that her fresh fruit side was just a slice of watermelon. she was expecting variety here. well, more like jeremy’s brunch fruit cup.

my coleslaw was uncontested as the WORST! i was so excited too when i saw it on the menu. but it literally tasted like slaw mix DROWNED in veganaise. no seasoning at all. just some slaw and a ton of vegan mayo. bleh. mary actually referred to it as abysmal. bobby thought it was awful, but put hot sauce on it and made it disappear.

Brunch: french toast and ginger snap. the french toast was okay, just soggy. it still tasted good though. the ginger snap lacked flavor.

Bottom Line:

i think it’s a really great place, they just need to work on a few of the dishes. since it’s a pretty small menu, they should really make sure that everything they do offer is really the best they can make it. the service was excellent, and it was a very cool, clean place to visit. it’s also very reasonably priced, especially for brunch. despite the first night’s dinner being sort of hit or miss, i thought we should go back to try brunch, and i’m glad we did. have a biscuit. really! i could have had several! : )

out of 5 possible stars:

Bobby:   3-3.5
Ty:           3.5        <— cpv
Jeremy: 4
Mary:     4-4.5

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