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Grilled Cheese Breakfast!

Published August 13, 2011 by Vegan Derby Cat Party

After not eating dinner before a late night out last night, I woke up STARVING! For some reason all I could think about was grilled cheese. I’d never made it before using the skillet pressing technique either, and was curious to try it out. I really wanted to try it with pepperjack Daiya, but since I keep mine in the freezer, I wasn’t sure it would melt before I burned my bread. Next time I buy bread I’ll leave some Daiya in the fridge specifically for this purpose! : )

I know this is not really a very original recipe, but I included it below, regardless!

Grilled Cheese,  2 sandwiches

4 pieces of bread, I used sprouted grain bread
4 slices of vegan cheese, I used Tofutti american slices
vegan butter for skillet

ketchup & hotsauce for dipping, optional


1. Heat skillet to medium. Assemble sandwich, 2 slices of cheese per 2 slices of bread for maximum gooeyness.

2. Place some butter into the skillet. I used 1 or 2 teaspoons. Place sandwich on melted butter and place another heavy skillet or plate with a heavy object on top. Cook for a few minutes. Cheese should be half melted.

3. Remove top skillet and sandwich, add more butter and replace sandwich to cook the other side,  top with skillet. Cook until cheese is fully melted. Repeat with second sandwich, cut into halves and serve!

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