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Last week in vegan food, derby, etc.

Published February 19, 2014 by Vegan Derby Cat Party
Here's a pro shot by Don Jensen from last scrimmage.

Here’s a pro shot by Don Jensen from last scrimmage.

So we had a busy last week full of ups and downs, but it was filled with food, derby, friends, and love! Here’s a picture heavy run through of the week…

One of my very best friends Joanna was in town from Denver, so I gave her a quickie vegan tour of Seattle on my day off Tuesday.

Dirty South, $10

Dirty South, $10

We split this awesome Dirty South at Wayward in order to leave room for some desserts and drinks. A half-rack of tangy BBQ seitan ribs, potato salad, and garlic steamed kale. We hit Violet Sweet Shoppe next for some coffee and tea and I had a little bite of Jojo’s seriously good snickerdoodle, but I was saving myself for Mighty O. I took her to see the Freemont Troll, and some other scenic locations before meeting up with Thomas at our favorite neighborhood bar for a quick drink before we said our goodbyes. It was so nice to see her!

Donut feast later that night with Thomas.

Donut feast later that night with Thomas.

Thomas and I also made a stop in at our extremely close and yummy vegetarian noodle shop, In the Bowl, this past week.

Phad See Ew with small noodles and tofu

Phad See Ew with small noodles and tofu, $8.99

Phad Thai with small noodles and tofu, $8.99

Phad Thai with small noodles and tofu, $8.99

We spent Thursday over at a friend’s for game night, and I snapped this pic of the space needle on our two block stroll back home. We LOVE our neighborhood.

Capitol Hill's view of the Space Needle

Capitol Hill’s view of the Space Needle

Friday night Thomas and I just opted for staying in and ordering burritos from Bimbo’s (not pictured). But Saturday we walked up to the Seattle Center to meet up with some of my derby girls to go watch the Rat City teams battle it out in Bout 2.

Me in all my Rat City/Grave Danger gear!

Me in all my Rat City/Grave Danger gear!

PFM girls plus one that we may recruit!

PFM girls plus one possible recruit!

The two bouts were both great to watch, and the Derby Liberation Front / Throttle Rockets game went into overtime in a edge of our seats finish with DLF winning.

DLF vs. Throttle Rockets in  the last few minutes of a tied game!

DLF vs. Throttle Rockets in the last few minutes of a tied game!

And here are some more pics by Don Jensen from our last scrimmage…

Lori coming in to block me

Lori coming in to block me

Me trying to get past

Me trying to get past



Me realizing Amy was getting by, and that Zwack needed some help!

Me realizing Amy was getting by, and that Zwack needed some help!

Coming in just a little too late.

Coming in just a little too late.

Jamming on through

Me jamming on through

Looking for a hole!

Looking for a hole!

As always, thanks for reading!!


1st Scrimmage and Bang Bang Cafe, Seattle

Published November 5, 2013 by Vegan Derby Cat Party
That's me on the far left of the pic trying to jam my way past team red!

That’s me on the far left of the pic, trying to jam my way past team red!

My long dreaded awaited 1st scrimmage was finally this past Sunday! When they asked me to skate in last month’s scrimmage, I only had two practices under my belt, and really wasn’t ready yet. I knew I’d have to skate this one, so I made the best effort I could, even with all the craziness of the last month, to get lots of practice in. Well, it definitely paid off. By last week I wasn’t even feeling too worried about it anymore. I felt like I had at least some skills to bring to the table this time, since we had lots of great coaches in last month.

It went really well! I ended up taking the worst spill of the day during warm up, before scrimmage, when I tripped over a downed skater, so all the hits and tumbles after that were no big deal. I even got to jam several times! (We rotated out the positions) Turns out I found that was much easier than blocking for me, at least for now. I spent a good chunk of time in the penalty box too. Mostly because I need to sit down and study the WFTDA rules. A lot. But I did learn a lot too, mostly about how not to re-enter the pack/track. Everyone said I did an awesome job, and it was honestly, exhilarating and SO MUCH FUN. (Sorry mom!)

More jamming for me!

Me playing pivot, even though I’m still not very sure how that differs!

Thomas was there watching, and snapped some photos while making friends with one of the other spectating derby misters.

Me & my purple helmet.

Me & my purple helmet.

Of course I still have just about EVERYTHING to learn about this sport, but this was a nice way to really see how some of the things we’ve worked on in practice were meant to be used. It was really satisfying to make them work on the track. Also the girls of PFM that I skate with are absolutely fantastic! It’s really a unique experience to be doing something with so many strong minded women, and have it be a really supportive and friendly environment to boot. I feel extremely lucky to be a part of this little bit of roller derby magic!

And what would Sunday practice be without brunch?!

On our drive home I went from not so hungry, to hungry like something fierce! (I think the adrenaline was starting to wear off.) I decided we should switch it up and head over to Bang Bang Cafe in Belltown. Which in retrospect, was a sort of appropriately named place to head over to after my morning. Bang Bang is actually the 1st place we ate in Seattle when we visited back in December 2011. It’s not an all vegan joint, but they do have vegan options like their famous Vegan Mac n Cheese (not pictured) and my fave, the VBLT. And they even gave me some ice to put on my very slightly bang banged chin… (you can’t even tell, mom!)

Post scrimmage smile!

Post scrimmage smile!

VBLT: avocado, lettuce, tomato, vegan bacon, veganaise

VBLT: avocado, lettuce, tomato, vegan bacon, veganaise

Vegan breakfast burrito. Not too fancy to look at but filled with tons of veggies, potatoes, beans, etc.

Vegan breakfast burrito. Not too fancy to look at but filled with tons of veggies, potatoes, beans, etc.

Anyway, as you might be able to tell… my mother (and most dedicated blog reader!) is not happy about all of this. For me, it’s one of the few times in my life that I’ve picked something really hard and really committed to it. And it’s also the best exercise I’ve done in my whole life, because I actually love skating, and don’t mind doing it. Since I’m 35, it was probably a good time to get my body used to physical activity. A little toning is welcome. However, I do now realize the value of the “padding” on my hips and butt, so if I lose anymore weight, I’m probably going to take up cake. You know, for safety. Either that, or maybe some more regular visits to Mighty O!¬†ūüėČ


Lastly, a remarkable thing happened today! I found Midna & Ganon cuddling together in the blanket! Usually they pick two different parts, separated by at least one thickness, but they managed to sit together in near peace for a good twenty minutes this afternoon! The new apartment is kinda chilly, so maybe they’ll be able to forge a better relationship here. We shall see…

The move, the stress, the cats, the derby…

Published October 25, 2013 by Vegan Derby Cat Party
Some of us didn't seem to be stressed in the slightest by the move.

Some of us didn’t seem to be stressed in the slightest by the move.

Hello!¬†We¬†now¬†have almost all of our stuff at the new place, and Thomas even suffered through getting the internet hooked up.¬†(I refused to deal with Comcast again!) Last week I was¬†SO STRESSED from the move and a from a family health issue, that all I seemed to have time for was boxes, headaches, intermittent nausea, dizzyness, exhaustion, and… derby. So I’m taking another stab at writing this post on my lunch break today.

Getting myself to practice last Thursday was pretty rough, but in the end I figured skating, and hitting girls would probably be welcome stress relief. So¬†I pushed pass my lethargy and car sickness, and drove the full 46 miles north from Tacoma to Shoreline. It was a good practice, and I got to¬†work on some of¬†the hitting skills I’ll need for my 1st scrimmage this Sunday. Though I was still super tough on myself all practice, I talked to the coach after who assured me that I’m doing great for 2 months (it’s actually a little less) of practices, so that was encouraging. Even though it really doesn’t feel¬†that way right now… honestly, it’s hard to deny that I’m skating much better all the time. When I got out, I was due to meet Thomas at the old apartment to do some more packing and loading, and all I could think about was food.¬†It’s been pretty chilly lately, and I was craving a nice, hot, comforting¬†pizza, so we headed over to¬†Mad Pizza. This is¬†a large¬†Over the Rainbow pizza with garlic & olive oil subbed for the garlic ricotta, and with vegan cheese. It comes with¬†roasted tomatoes, yellow peppers, red onions, roasted garlic, and oregano. Totally hit the spot as I filled Thomas in on the night’s practice.


Saturday, one of the girls from derby had a pumpkin carving party, and that was fun way to hang out with a few of them in a less stressful way. She had all kinds of fancy pumpkin carving supplies.¬†I opted for sculpting out a bat shape instead of doing the traditional cutting and gutting. (Haven’t snapped a pic of the finished pumpkin yet!) In the end, the results of everyone’s hard work were pretty impressive!


Sundays we have practice at 11AM. If you know me well at all, you probably realize what a labor of love this has been¬†for me, and are probably in complete shock that I’m giving up partying on Saturday nights now in order to be¬†in shape for a physical activity on a Sunday morning! Yes. IT IS REALLY DIFFICULT FOR ME. Yesterday might’ve been the worst morning yet, in fact. I stayed in bed until the last possible minute, but still managed to get my butt to practice. It was a hard endurance practice, but you know what?

I learned how to skate backwards¬†quite a bit¬†better. (Something I’ve really wanted to learn for a long time. I could barely do it for more than a few feet, super duper¬†slow.) AND I was somewhat decent at skating sideways, so that a couple girls actually asked ME what I was doing. So there’s that. RIght now when it’s super hard and I get banged up or completely exhausted, these are the things that I’m focusing on.¬†Not only that,¬†I finally got to go out for brunch with a couple of vegan girls after practice!

We went to Wayward…


Though I wasn’t super crazy about mine for an ironic reason.


It tasted a bit too realistic. Eww, even during my meat eating¬†years I never really ate sausage, and this tasted too much like real sausage to me! (Even though it probably doesn’t to a meat eater.) Luckily Thomas met up with us, so I was able to unload half¬†on him. I usually get their tempeh bacon which just tastes like nicely seasoned tempeh, so this was unexpected, but I wanted that biscuit! The hashbrowns were awesome and cooked to perfection.

Afterwards we made a trip to the old apartment where I managed to get a bunch of stuff done before sitting down and falling asleep sitting against the wall. That’s right. Sitting up. Thomas was awesome, and did a lot on his own, and let me snooze for a bit.

Tomorrow I’m off and looking forward to finishing up all this apartment chaos. We’re also doing a Spa day in the evening¬†for a derby social, so that will be a fantastic and well deserved indulgence. I’m hoping that more bonding with the ladies will help to build my confidence and sense of comraderie at practice. Thursday’s practice is dress up optional since it’s on Halloween, and I’m on the fence about going or not. Halloween is a pretty big deal in our house, so I may need to skip, even if it is the last practice before scrimmage. We shall see…

My Nature’s Delight Raw Vegan Cafe – Winter Haven, Fl

Published March 11, 2012 by Vegan Derby Cat Party

Unfortunately, both of our phones were so dead they wouldn’t even stay on at this point, so we weren’t able to snap up any pictures of food. I tried to get Thomas to draw the dishes out for you, but he had a few other things going on this week, so I will have to give you a picture free post for now.

We started our long weekend off last Friday by heading up to Winter Haven. For those of you who aren’t sure exactly where that is, it’s about an hour west of Orlando. Winter Haven is one of those towns in the central part of Florida where the South truly begins. (South Florida is New York south, as far as people go.) And along with being friendly, and having a little drawl on their words, the inhabitants of this town are typically of the meat loving, southern food eating variety. So imagine my surprise when a search pulled up a raw vegan cafe!

I had done searches in the area before, but this had never come up, so I was excited to go check it out. (Maybe it was recently added?) When I asked Thomas if he knew the location, he said, “Oh yeah, it’s by the barbeque place.” Which was sort of funny to me, because I think there are a lot of barbeque places in this area. It was really hard to tell by their website what kind of food they offered, and when we got there, there was woman in the cafe area asking for italian ice.

My Nature’s Delight Raw Vegan cafe has a good amount of seating, and the large space is divided up into cafe/nutrition store/grocery. They had a daily special posted and a sign for italian ice, but I still wasn’t sure what kind of food we could get, because I didn’t see a kitchen, as it’s hidden behind an office door. Then the server brought us a couple of menus. The raw vegan cafe is a bit of a misnomer, as they had a good selection of both raw & regular vegan items. I ordered a raw pizza and Thomas got a veggie burger. We also ordered guacamole and chips, but sadly, their avocados weren’t ripe enough, so they let us know they couldn’t do it.

Thomas said his burger was good. It came very plainly served on sliced, multigrain bread, with lettuce, tomato, veganaise, and he thinks there may have been a pickle. Also, a good amount of round, corn tortilla chips scattered around the perimeter of the plate.

My raw pizza was awesome! It was a large square of dehydrated onion? bread, cut down the middle to make two large triangles. It had a thin layer of raw hummus, and was covered in lots and lots of finely chopped greens (which I  was craving so badly!). Anything else that was on it escapes my memory (see lack of photos) but there may have been tomatoes. It was served with a generous portion of dehydrated slices of starfruit surrounding it, that made a lovely complement to the pizza. So much so that I kept adding them to all my pizza bites. SO good. I kept talking about it all day.

After eating we did a little shopping.¬†The grocery and freezer section is crammed full of all kinds of vegan food & treats, some of which I had never even seen before, and that my WF does not carry.¬†I talked to the owner, and she was super nice. Apparently they’ve been in this location since 1992, and have just kept expanding over the years. If you’re in the area this is definitely THE place to check out.¬†

My Natures Delight is located at: 3015 Cypress Gardens Rd. Winter Haven, Florida 33884. Store: 863-324-1778, Cafe: 863-318-8778. Open Mondays РFridays: 8 am to 8 pm, Saturdays: 8 am to 5 pm, and Sundays: 12 noon to 5 pm. 

Gardein BBQ Wings

Published June 4, 2011 by Vegan Derby Cat Party

I’m not the biggest fan of Gardein’s chick’n products. (Their beefless tips are my fave.) Mostly because they remind me of eating somewhat overcooked chicken. Surprisingly (to me) though, it’s actually a big hit with ex-chicken lovers, or lovers of vegans who are also lovers of chickens. (Note: I stopped eating chicken a full year before going fully vegan, and it’s not something I ever miss. The only exception is Foodswings (nyc – vegan) ¬†southern style bbq drumsticks. Man, those things are good.)

Anyway, back to the BBQ wings! ; ) These were really easy to make and done in a jiff. They tasted awesome, but that’s never a problem. Gardein does a really good job with all their seasonings and sauces. I just wish they’d make the texture on these things a little less dense! I made them in the toaster oven, and ate them straight outta the pan with a fork and knife. I know, I know, but cooking for just me is not all that inspiring. It’s more like, look, I fed myself, done.

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