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Vegan Docs – Update

Published November 9, 2012 by Vegan Derby Cat Party

So, I have to tell you. I ordered the boots from amazon, trying to save my $11, and I was so excited to get them today. I must’ve checked the tracking at least 10 times. (Turns out I was able to hear the truck when it pulled up anyway.) I kept wishing that I had spent the extra $3.99 to get them yesterday, even! And I opened the box… and they were totally not the same. The color was dark and muddy. You could barely tell that they were even purple! I tried looking at them in all the different lights in the apartment. Nope! (Don’t worry, I made sure return shipping was free before I ordered them!)

So I called up the Dr. Marten store downtown to make sure they still had them, and they did, so I headed on over.

Yes! These were the boots in all their glorious color. There is just no sense in spending all that money and not getting the right ones. I wore them home. Someone on the street even said “Nice docs” as they passed by, because they really are that nice. Also, super comfortable for navigating these ridiculously steep streets in Seattle. There is a reason that those grunge bands were wearing them here in the 90s! 🙂

So moral of the story is, sometimes you get what you pay for. I do almost all of my shopping online A. Because I don’t enjoy going “shopping” and B. because often times you can get the exact same thing, cheaper. But not in this case. That’s okay though. We’re going to have a long, happy life together!

Vegan Dr. Martens – Purple 8 hole boots

Published November 7, 2012 by Vegan Derby Cat Party


I am writing to tell you about how I fell in love today. Sure, I had seen that Dr. Marten’s had added PURPLE to their line of black and cherry red vegan docs, sure. I had sort of flipped out about it mostly quietly. I shared the links and filed it away in my head. Then this week I saw that they had come out with some absolutely adorable vegan T-straps that reminded me very much of the mary janes I had in high school. I mean, I did get a little frantic with want, I’m not going to lie.

Then today… I did it. I went to the Dr. Martens store in downtown Seattle.

At first I just looked around and didn’t see the purple ones. I saw the T straps on display though, and asked to try them on. 2 things here. I’ve often had sizing issues with docs, being a half size, and having to choose between a squashed toe and an enormous shoe, and let me tell you these UK5s fit me PERFECTLY. And they were really comfortable to boot. (No pun intended.)

That’s when I casually asked about the purple. Apparently, they had them in the back! They hadn’t even put them out yet. She brought me the box of boots and pulled them out, and I may have shrieked with joy. These are the most gorgeous shoes I have put on my feet, ever. I’m a recovering shoe-aholic that has been clean for years, but these just sent me over the edge. I haven’t felt this way about shoes in a really long time. I had a really hard time taking them off.


Just look at them! Also, they are incredibly comfortable for brand new docs. The material is nice and supple, and you could tell they wouldn’t do that horrible back of the heel thing new docs do. The girl had a different pair of the vegan ones on herself. She said they softened up even more & that she’d had her’s 8 months.

I must have these shoes. They retail for $130, but you can get them on amazon for slightly cheaper, so that’s what I’m going to do. They also make the 3 hole oxford in this lovely burnished purple color, if you like it. The T straps come in black only at this time.

I was going to hold out until landing my 2nd interview to buy the T-straps, and while I still will likely do that, I just don’t think I can wait for these boots. Besides the weather & walking here justify this purchase, don’t they?

*** EDIT: They arrive on Friday! 😀 *******

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