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Consciousness-Blossoms Palm Harbor, Fl

Published March 7, 2012 by Vegan Derby Cat Party

Thomas' barbeque tofu sandwich with slaw. This was very good.

So in case you’ve been wondering where the heck I’ve been, I will tell you! We’ve spent the last two weekends in central Florida. The previous weekend we were in Clearwater and Palm Harbor, visiting Kass, and we spent this past weekend in Winter Haven and Orlando.

Here’s some proof:

Thomas & I showing our vampire skin off briefly in day light.

Me & Kass!

I was thrilled when a search turned out a place for us to go and get some Sunday brunch. Consciousness-Blossoms had me at vegan pancakes. (I love happy cow. I even have the app on my phone!) This place is vegetarian, but has plenty of vegan goodness to go around.

The sign is easy to spot; a good thing in a strip mall location.

They have a section of books and cards with a spiritual theme.

The women all wear saris and it's very, very pastel.

There is a little bit of seating outside too, but this place got slammed shortly after we got there. The counter filled up, and people were waiting for tables in no time!

Thomas' barbeque tofu sandwich with slaw, which was very good.

Kassidy's tofu scramble with potatoes, toast and a side of hummus. The tofu scramble was well seasoned, just a little greasy. The potatoes were delicious, and we really liked the hummus. It had an unusual taste in there that we couldn't figure out, but we liked it a whole bunch.

For some reason I didn’t take a picture of my pancake.

I think it’s because I was waiting for my tempeh reuben to come out. I ordered the “one large pancake” with bananas and walnuts, but it wasn’t until I dug in that I found out where they were hiding the bananas and walnuts. It was truly spectacular, and very big, and the sweet, cooked bananas contrasted ever so nicely with the crunch of walnuts.

When my reuben came out, I could tell that even though I had requested it vegan it was covered in melty swiss cheese, and the waitress confirmed it, so back it went. After I finished my pancake I was pretty full, but I felt bad cancelling it at that point, so we waited. At this point the restaurant was in full swing, with quite a number of people waiting for tables. Then my reuben arrived…

Vegan Tempeh Reuben with slaw.

I wasn’t crazy about the reuben at this point, but that’s probably because I was already full, and because it came after we were all done eating. I also think I’m kind of over vegan cheese, but oh well, the last part’s not their fault. I scraped the vegan cheese aside, and picked at the sandwich until most of it magically disappeared.

I also got one of their carob bliss balls to go (not pictured) which was a delicious, mostly raw snack for the ride home.


If you’re in the area, this place is definitely worth checking out! There’s plenty to try, and it’s fairly easy to tell which are going to be the heavier dishes if you don’t want something greasy. Consciousness-Blossoms is located at 3390 Tampa Rd, Palm Harbor, Telephone 727-789-1931

Credit Cards Accepted

Breakfast & Lunch: Tue-Sun, 8am to 3pm
Dinner: Friday, 5pm to 8pm
(Closed Monday)

Raphsodic Bakery – Orlando, Fl

Published November 29, 2011 by Vegan Derby Cat Party

I decided to put both Orlando vegan food posts back to back so you can see that I do in fact give praise where praise is do… and that would definitely be at Raphsodic Bakery! This place is ALL VEGAN and all awesome. 🙂

We missed it on the first go, but found it after the U-turn!

Where to begin?! We had already gotten on I-4 to leave Orlando when I decided to give my HappyCow phone app a quick check. I was super hungry and wanted breakfast, and it was just after 11am. That’s when I found Raphsodic Bakery, and according to the website, they had biscuits! Turns out it was pretty close to where we had just left from, near downtown Orlando. I was going to hold out until we got further south for Darbster lunch, but then Thomas reminded me that they’re closed on Mondays! So we turned the car around and headed to the bakery, and I’m so glad we did!

Unfortunately there were no fresh biscuits available for purchase that day. The boy at the counter explained that they had some from the day before in the back that were going to make it to one of their “Yesterday’s Box”s. I asked for the least sweet item, and picked up a blueberry scone. We also selected a biscotti and a piece of apple pie to share. This landed us in the ball park of $11. I noticed that there was an extremely generous box of day old goodies marked for only $12 or $13, but I wanted to try the fresh stuff so I could give you an accurate review. (PS – If their day old baked goods don’t sell in the store, they donate whatever’s left!) So off to the table we went with our mismatched plates to get into some yummies.




We both agreed the almond biscotti was pretty awesome. The scone was subtly sweet as promised and perfectly delicious. I had to try hard not to eat the whole thing! The apple pie was a little different than the usual texture when it came to the filling. Instead of big, jelled pieces of apple it was a finer texture of well spiced, tiny pieces of apple that weren’t overcooked, so it gave it a surprisingly welcome fresh taste.

Having sampled the goods and spotted a section of teas in the back, I asked Thomas what he thought about taking home one of those “Yesterday’s Box”es. He assured me that he could eat his way through it. I headed back to the counter, smiling, but the dude behind it didn’t seem surprised. I asked him if they had herbal teas, and he showed me their vast assortment of both caffeinated and not. I picked out a really nice herbal chai blend that he had bagged himself. It smelled so good that I left the tea cup in the car for days. On purpose. ; ) I also got him to throw some of their day old biscuits in with the box! YAY! And of course I sampled them on the way home. Though he was right, they were better slightly reheated at home because of their age, but still really tasty. They were cheesy herb biscuits, and I could have eaten a whole box of just that.




Our box was so heavy and full! There were tons of cupcakes in there, sugar cookies, biscotti and sugar cookie “sammies”. Unfortunately we didn’t get to eat all of it while it was still really fresh due to the Thanksgiving holiday, but I can tell you that it was all really good. In fact, out of that whole huge box, the only thing we weren’t crazy about were the “sammies”. It was just way too sweet on sweet. I took two to work that Tuesday, and Thomas ate one at home, and we all agreed even though our taste tests were independent. The icing was just way too sugary with that cookie. The cookies by themselves were almost caramelly and complex. Really everything else was fantastic. The lemon frosted candied ginger cupcake that I had later that day?! Um, pretty much blew my mind. The fruit topped one was good, others in there were carrot cake, vanilla (?), peanut butter & jelly (?), and a whole bunch of these spicy, chocolate on chocolate numbers. Yah, spicy! I thought the heat was great.

I’m not a big sweets person. You could’ve just handed me a box full of the biscuits and I would’ve been the happiest person in the world, but I will definitely be paying them a visit anytime I’m in O-town!

Raphsodic Bakery is located at 710 N Mills Ave, near downtown Orlando, Fl 32803. Open M/T 11A-8P, W/Th 11A-9P, and F/Sa 11A-10P, Call 407-704-8615. They do special occasion cakes too!

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