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Easy Vegan Irish Cream (Bailey’s)

Published December 14, 2010 by Vegan Derby Cat Party

So my best friend Mary & I have kind of made a tradition out of drinking bailey’s whilst celebrating christmas tree decorating. Last year I remember breaking my nearly complete transition to a vegan diet just to get a little of this libation. This year I was determined to keep up the tradition, only in a vegan way. I googled a few recipes and was going to make some out of silk’s soy creamer + whiskey + chocolate syrup + mint extract, but then I found these holiday flavored soymilks hanging out in the non-dairy section, just waiting to be boozed up. Mary & I normally drink the chocolate mint one, so this was perfect, abut I also picke up the pumpkin spice. Now I love all things pumpkin, so it wasn’t really too much of a surprise that the pumpkin one was delicious. But it was a little bit of a surprise that it was the taste test winner! They also have a NOG flavor which we didn’t try, but I’ll venture to guess is yummy too.


Pour preferred flavor of soymilk into glass, add desired amount of whiskey and ice and stir!   : )


I mean obviously this is not as thick as Bailey’s, if you want that richness you’ll have to use the creamer, but this is also LOW FAT and MUCH lower in calories, so choose wisely!

Other things I made that day were my apple cider vinegar hummus:

and my “meat” loaf with garlic smashed potatoes:

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