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Sprouted grain bread Pizzas

Published August 8, 2010 by Vegan Derby Cat Party

okay, here’s an easy throw back to your youth. i guess i was just pizza craving this week, and i didn’t have anymore frozen ones & didn’t want to order . so i decided to put that pizza sauce in my pantry to good use. PLUS! i had found tofutti slices at winn-dixie this week. YAY! (for some reason our whole foods doesn’t carry them, and rice vegan ones don’t melt.)

so as you can see i used sprouted grain bread topped with a couple spoonfuls of pizza sauce, 4 pepperonis, and a slice of tofutti american. i placed them into the toaster oven @ 350*, on the convection setting for about 5 minutes, until the cheese melted.

these were yummy, and even meat & cheese loving timb approved. : ) now i can’t stop eating them. they’re also good with other mock cold cuts like ham or bologna. and you can just use one slice of cheese and make it a sandwich to save a little on the fat.

quick fruity cream cheese toast

Published March 19, 2010 by Vegan Derby Cat Party

okay, i realize this one is a no brainer. but it’s really tasty, and most importantly, it reminds me of how much i want to veganize all my cuban favorites. to me, this is reminiscent of cuban pastelitos – the guava and cream cheese filled kind. the kind i will have to veganize properly. until then, you have this. a yummy, quick snack or light breakfast.

quick fruity cream cheese toast

2 pieces of good bread, i used sprouted grain bread

1 tbsp vegan cream cheese*

1 tbsp fruit preserves

Toast bread and spread one slice with fruit,  and one side with cream cheese. Smush it together. Happiness.

*i like the follow your heart brand cream cheese, it has a tang to it, like the real deal. jordan likes the tofutti version; i think it’s too chalky.

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