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I made Rat Lab AND got new skates! :D

Published April 6, 2014 by Vegan Derby Cat Party
You already saw this picture last month, but I thought it was appropriate since I was all decked out in Rat City gear.

You already saw this picture last month, but I thought it was appropriate since I was all decked out in Rat City gear.

Quick post to brag about my big deal derby accomplishments this past week! If you’ve been wondering where the heck I’ve been, well, I realized last night (after two back to back practices, and after watching another league’s bout) that I skated 6 of 7 days last week! I wasn’t consciously trying to do that, but that’s just how it ended up. Part of the reason was that it was really nice and sunny all week, so we went to skate around Green Lake last Sunday, and then Thomas had new wheels to try out, and then I got new skates.

What’s that, new skates?! I HAVE AWESOME VEGAN SKATES NOW?! YES, YES I DO!

They look like this!

They look like this!

The Bont microfiber boots I ordered during Fast Girl’s annivesary sale came in, and Thursday I was able to get them mounted and molded. Unfortunately, the plates I had on my old skates were too big for the new boots (so I will be selling them, as well as my other skates) but I liked them so much, I bought them again in the right size in a really pretty red.

Bont Hybrid in microfiber with Crazy Venus plates and lightweight kingpins.

Bont Hybrid in microfiber with Crazy Venus plates and lightweight kingpins.

These are incredibly light, and I got to skate in them a little bit yesterday afternoon. I already love them. Just have to finish heat molding the toe box, and get used to the slightly looser truck setting that I have them at right now.

And then the extra big news…

I skated for the Rat City Rollergirls assessment yesterday to try to get on Rat Lab Fundamentals. (read all about their multi tier freshmeat program here) After skating with their rec league sporadically, and having a few of the girls I skated with make it on in the last couple of months, I decided to go for it. I tried to remain as calm as possible all week, and not let me talk myself out  of it. (It helped that one of my good friends from PFM was going too!) It was a hard practice, but I made it through the entire thing, remained positive, and gave it my all. I got my closest to 27 in 5 yet, just a foot or two short of the whistle! I think I will definitely be getting there on my next attempt, after a plateau of 26.75! And even though I was sure that they’d pass on me this time, when it was all said and done, I received my congratulatory email yesterday as I was getting ready to go watch the Tilted Thunder Rail Bird‘s bout (banked track roller derby). I was in complete shock and overjoyed!

Midna & I all tuckered out at the end of the night last night.

Midna & I all tuckered out at the end of the night last night. (Photo by Thomas)

So I will now be officially training with the Division 1 WFTDA ranked #13  team, Rat City Rollergirls!!!!!! SO excited and thankful for the opportunity to take my training and skills up to the next level, just had to share. I would stay and tell you more, but I actually need to get dressed for my regular team practice!

I’m still working on finishing up that post on roller derby and body image, so that should be coming up this week!

As always, thanks for reading!

Ty / Vampira Knightley

PS- Check out the awesome dinner we had last night at In the bowl after my practices! It’s an all vegetarian place in Capitol Hill, right next to our apartment. None of the mock meats are vegan, but we love tofu anyway…

Thai Peanut Sauce with wide noodles and tofu, $10.29. Stir fried with bok choy, broccoli and carrot then topped with peanut sauce. OMG, YUM!

Thai Peanut Sauce with wide noodles and tofu, $10.29. Stir fried with bok choy, broccoli and carrot then topped with peanut sauce. OMG, YUM!

Thomas had Ginger Fried brown rice and tofu, $ 9.99. Stir fried with carrot, green onion, snow pea, celery, broccoli and fresh ginger.

Thomas had Ginger Fried brown rice and tofu, $ 9.99. Stir fried with carrot, green onion, snow pea, celery, broccoli and fresh ginger.

The triumphant return of Highline: Seattle’s only vegan bar!

Published March 20, 2014 by Vegan Derby Cat Party


Around a month ago, a wonderful, fantastic, should-I-really-get-my-hopes-up? rumor started fluttering around vegan circles in Seattle… Highline is going to re-open their kitchen, but just for brunch. I was overjoyed, and immediately planned on starting a twitter campaign to let them know that I supported them. (Which I promptly forgot about, and never ended up doing!) Fortunately for us, this rumor turned out to be partially true.

Highline was planning to re-open, but only for dinner between the hours of 4 and 8, and only on Mondays and Tuesdays, to start.

So of course we were there on the very first day of renewed food service. And the day after. And the week after that. And so on.  Afterall, this is the bar we most fell in love with as soon as we moved to Seattle. The whole first year we lived in First Hill, we would check craigslist for apartments, and map them to see how close we could get to it. So you can imagine how sad we were when they closed their kitchen last summer. And even more so every time we passed the glowing sign these last 5 months, since we did in fact end up moving ever so close by.

So here’s what they promised:

We’ll be serving food from 4pm-8pm Monday’s and Tuesday’s for the next while. The menu and days, though short and sweet now, will expand as the weeks pass by. We’re looking forward to seeing everyone over the few weeks! On behalf of all the staff, a HUGE “thank you” to everyone who’s helped spread the word and aims to support us! This is a long time in the works and we expect to exceed everyone’s expectations. love-Highline Bar

And here’s what they delivered:

More Cumin Than Cumin Tacos and Seitan Fingers

More Cumin Than Cumin Tacos $9,  and Seitan Fingers $8

The above was from the opening night. They even came over to see how the food was, and to get our feedback on how we thought the reinvented Seitan Fingers compared. We were thrilled. They now have a dedicated taco section to their abbreviated menu, and after having these, and the ones from Taco Tuesdays of the past, I think it was an extremely wise and tasty decision!

Crazy Train and Reubender, $10 each, or $12 with a side

Crazy Train and Reubender, $10 each, or $12 with a side

These sandwiches were okay. I ordered the Reubender and it was pretty good, though I’ve had better. Thomas seemed to like it a lot, but to be fair, that’s typically the type of sandwich Thomas will order, and not so much my go to. I thought his sandwich was pretty good, except it was just a bit on the bland side. Either the tofu needed marinade or it needed a punchier sauce. They didn’t ask that week, so I didn’t get to give them the feedback that time. Not bad though. I’ve always loved whatever bread that is that they use.

Then there was a week when we didn’t get there in time for food, but stayed for a little while for Britt’s birthday. (Not pictured!)

The Bell Toll $10, and that night's special: Cactus, Potato, Soyrizo tacos $9

The Bell Toll $10, and that night’s special: Cactus, Potato, Soyrizo tacos $9

This was from our food last week. I decided to go with that night’s special, despite the crazy sounding cactus that was throwing everyone off. I’m pretty sure I’ve had cactus before, and basically as long as it’s not an animal or a mushroom, I’m game. YUM! I saved one for later, and it ended up still being really good after sitting in the fridge for nearly a week. Haha. Yah, totally ate it days later. 😉 Thomas’ sandwich was good too, especially after clearing all the mushrooms off!


So far, so good! We really love the punk, gothy, rock vibe of this bar, and will be supporting them in all their efforts. It was easy for people from other vegan friendly towns to complain about this or that off the old menu, but there was a tremendous void when Highline shut down; it was the only all vegan bar we had! Personally, I had very little to complain about the old menu besides that the quality of the food was sometimes inconsistent. I think with the smaller menu and their concerted effort, they’ll be able to keep that in check this time around, and hopefully be able to expand their dinner service again too!


The new booze menu!

The new booze menu!

A very poorly lit pic of their new menu!

Last week in vegan food, derby, etc.

Published February 19, 2014 by Vegan Derby Cat Party
Here's a pro shot by Don Jensen from last scrimmage.

Here’s a pro shot by Don Jensen from last scrimmage.

So we had a busy last week full of ups and downs, but it was filled with food, derby, friends, and love! Here’s a picture heavy run through of the week…

One of my very best friends Joanna was in town from Denver, so I gave her a quickie vegan tour of Seattle on my day off Tuesday.

Dirty South, $10

Dirty South, $10

We split this awesome Dirty South at Wayward in order to leave room for some desserts and drinks. A half-rack of tangy BBQ seitan ribs, potato salad, and garlic steamed kale. We hit Violet Sweet Shoppe next for some coffee and tea and I had a little bite of Jojo’s seriously good snickerdoodle, but I was saving myself for Mighty O. I took her to see the Freemont Troll, and some other scenic locations before meeting up with Thomas at our favorite neighborhood bar for a quick drink before we said our goodbyes. It was so nice to see her!

Donut feast later that night with Thomas.

Donut feast later that night with Thomas.

Thomas and I also made a stop in at our extremely close and yummy vegetarian noodle shop, In the Bowl, this past week.

Phad See Ew with small noodles and tofu

Phad See Ew with small noodles and tofu, $8.99

Phad Thai with small noodles and tofu, $8.99

Phad Thai with small noodles and tofu, $8.99

We spent Thursday over at a friend’s for game night, and I snapped this pic of the space needle on our two block stroll back home. We LOVE our neighborhood.

Capitol Hill's view of the Space Needle

Capitol Hill’s view of the Space Needle

Friday night Thomas and I just opted for staying in and ordering burritos from Bimbo’s (not pictured). But Saturday we walked up to the Seattle Center to meet up with some of my derby girls to go watch the Rat City teams battle it out in Bout 2.

Me in all my Rat City/Grave Danger gear!

Me in all my Rat City/Grave Danger gear!

PFM girls plus one that we may recruit!

PFM girls plus one possible recruit!

The two bouts were both great to watch, and the Derby Liberation Front / Throttle Rockets game went into overtime in a edge of our seats finish with DLF winning.

DLF vs. Throttle Rockets in  the last few minutes of a tied game!

DLF vs. Throttle Rockets in the last few minutes of a tied game!

And here are some more pics by Don Jensen from our last scrimmage…

Lori coming in to block me

Lori coming in to block me

Me trying to get past

Me trying to get past



Me realizing Amy was getting by, and that Zwack needed some help!

Me realizing Amy was getting by, and that Zwack needed some help!

Coming in just a little too late.

Coming in just a little too late.

Jamming on through

Me jamming on through

Looking for a hole!

Looking for a hole!

As always, thanks for reading!!


1st Scrimmage and Bang Bang Cafe, Seattle

Published November 5, 2013 by Vegan Derby Cat Party
That's me on the far left of the pic trying to jam my way past team red!

That’s me on the far left of the pic, trying to jam my way past team red!

My long dreaded awaited 1st scrimmage was finally this past Sunday! When they asked me to skate in last month’s scrimmage, I only had two practices under my belt, and really wasn’t ready yet. I knew I’d have to skate this one, so I made the best effort I could, even with all the craziness of the last month, to get lots of practice in. Well, it definitely paid off. By last week I wasn’t even feeling too worried about it anymore. I felt like I had at least some skills to bring to the table this time, since we had lots of great coaches in last month.

It went really well! I ended up taking the worst spill of the day during warm up, before scrimmage, when I tripped over a downed skater, so all the hits and tumbles after that were no big deal. I even got to jam several times! (We rotated out the positions) Turns out I found that was much easier than blocking for me, at least for now. I spent a good chunk of time in the penalty box too. Mostly because I need to sit down and study the WFTDA rules. A lot. But I did learn a lot too, mostly about how not to re-enter the pack/track. Everyone said I did an awesome job, and it was honestly, exhilarating and SO MUCH FUN. (Sorry mom!)

More jamming for me!

Me playing pivot, even though I’m still not very sure how that differs!

Thomas was there watching, and snapped some photos while making friends with one of the other spectating derby misters.

Me & my purple helmet.

Me & my purple helmet.

Of course I still have just about EVERYTHING to learn about this sport, but this was a nice way to really see how some of the things we’ve worked on in practice were meant to be used. It was really satisfying to make them work on the track. Also the girls of PFM that I skate with are absolutely fantastic! It’s really a unique experience to be doing something with so many strong minded women, and have it be a really supportive and friendly environment to boot. I feel extremely lucky to be a part of this little bit of roller derby magic!

And what would Sunday practice be without brunch?!

On our drive home I went from not so hungry, to hungry like something fierce! (I think the adrenaline was starting to wear off.) I decided we should switch it up and head over to Bang Bang Cafe in Belltown. Which in retrospect, was a sort of appropriately named place to head over to after my morning. Bang Bang is actually the 1st place we ate in Seattle when we visited back in December 2011. It’s not an all vegan joint, but they do have vegan options like their famous Vegan Mac n Cheese (not pictured) and my fave, the VBLT. And they even gave me some ice to put on my very slightly bang banged chin… (you can’t even tell, mom!)

Post scrimmage smile!

Post scrimmage smile!

VBLT: avocado, lettuce, tomato, vegan bacon, veganaise

VBLT: avocado, lettuce, tomato, vegan bacon, veganaise

Vegan breakfast burrito. Not too fancy to look at but filled with tons of veggies, potatoes, beans, etc.

Vegan breakfast burrito. Not too fancy to look at but filled with tons of veggies, potatoes, beans, etc.

Anyway, as you might be able to tell… my mother (and most dedicated blog reader!) is not happy about all of this. For me, it’s one of the few times in my life that I’ve picked something really hard and really committed to it. And it’s also the best exercise I’ve done in my whole life, because I actually love skating, and don’t mind doing it. Since I’m 35, it was probably a good time to get my body used to physical activity. A little toning is welcome. However, I do now realize the value of the “padding” on my hips and butt, so if I lose anymore weight, I’m probably going to take up cake. You know, for safety. Either that, or maybe some more regular visits to Mighty O! 😉


Lastly, a remarkable thing happened today! I found Midna & Ganon cuddling together in the blanket! Usually they pick two different parts, separated by at least one thickness, but they managed to sit together in near peace for a good twenty minutes this afternoon! The new apartment is kinda chilly, so maybe they’ll be able to forge a better relationship here. We shall see…

The move, the stress, the cats, the derby…

Published October 25, 2013 by Vegan Derby Cat Party
Some of us didn't seem to be stressed in the slightest by the move.

Some of us didn’t seem to be stressed in the slightest by the move.

Hello! We now have almost all of our stuff at the new place, and Thomas even suffered through getting the internet hooked up. (I refused to deal with Comcast again!) Last week I was SO STRESSED from the move and a from a family health issue, that all I seemed to have time for was boxes, headaches, intermittent nausea, dizzyness, exhaustion, and… derby. So I’m taking another stab at writing this post on my lunch break today.

Getting myself to practice last Thursday was pretty rough, but in the end I figured skating, and hitting girls would probably be welcome stress relief. So I pushed pass my lethargy and car sickness, and drove the full 46 miles north from Tacoma to Shoreline. It was a good practice, and I got to work on some of the hitting skills I’ll need for my 1st scrimmage this Sunday. Though I was still super tough on myself all practice, I talked to the coach after who assured me that I’m doing great for 2 months (it’s actually a little less) of practices, so that was encouraging. Even though it really doesn’t feel that way right now… honestly, it’s hard to deny that I’m skating much better all the time. When I got out, I was due to meet Thomas at the old apartment to do some more packing and loading, and all I could think about was food. It’s been pretty chilly lately, and I was craving a nice, hot, comforting pizza, so we headed over to Mad Pizza. This is a large Over the Rainbow pizza with garlic & olive oil subbed for the garlic ricotta, and with vegan cheese. It comes with roasted tomatoes, yellow peppers, red onions, roasted garlic, and oregano. Totally hit the spot as I filled Thomas in on the night’s practice.


Saturday, one of the girls from derby had a pumpkin carving party, and that was fun way to hang out with a few of them in a less stressful way. She had all kinds of fancy pumpkin carving supplies. I opted for sculpting out a bat shape instead of doing the traditional cutting and gutting. (Haven’t snapped a pic of the finished pumpkin yet!) In the end, the results of everyone’s hard work were pretty impressive!


Sundays we have practice at 11AM. If you know me well at all, you probably realize what a labor of love this has been for me, and are probably in complete shock that I’m giving up partying on Saturday nights now in order to be in shape for a physical activity on a Sunday morning! Yes. IT IS REALLY DIFFICULT FOR ME. Yesterday might’ve been the worst morning yet, in fact. I stayed in bed until the last possible minute, but still managed to get my butt to practice. It was a hard endurance practice, but you know what?

I learned how to skate backwards quite a bit better. (Something I’ve really wanted to learn for a long time. I could barely do it for more than a few feet, super duper slow.) AND I was somewhat decent at skating sideways, so that a couple girls actually asked ME what I was doing. So there’s that. RIght now when it’s super hard and I get banged up or completely exhausted, these are the things that I’m focusing on. Not only that, I finally got to go out for brunch with a couple of vegan girls after practice!

We went to Wayward…


Though I wasn’t super crazy about mine for an ironic reason.


It tasted a bit too realistic. Eww, even during my meat eating years I never really ate sausage, and this tasted too much like real sausage to me! (Even though it probably doesn’t to a meat eater.) Luckily Thomas met up with us, so I was able to unload half on him. I usually get their tempeh bacon which just tastes like nicely seasoned tempeh, so this was unexpected, but I wanted that biscuit! The hashbrowns were awesome and cooked to perfection.

Afterwards we made a trip to the old apartment where I managed to get a bunch of stuff done before sitting down and falling asleep sitting against the wall. That’s right. Sitting up. Thomas was awesome, and did a lot on his own, and let me snooze for a bit.

Tomorrow I’m off and looking forward to finishing up all this apartment chaos. We’re also doing a Spa day in the evening for a derby social, so that will be a fantastic and well deserved indulgence. I’m hoping that more bonding with the ladies will help to build my confidence and sense of comraderie at practice. Thursday’s practice is dress up optional since it’s on Halloween, and I’m on the fence about going or not. Halloween is a pretty big deal in our house, so I may need to skip, even if it is the last practice before scrimmage. We shall see…

1st contact work & some Wayward

Published October 18, 2013 by Vegan Derby Cat Party


WOO! I had derby practice last night, and I got to do my 1st contact work! We were practicing pack work like pushing each other to block a jammer coming up on the outside edge of the track, as well as steering them off the track with leverage. (Sorry, I’m still not sure of the actual names of these maneuvers!) SO MUCH FUN! And I’m so glad too, because I’ll be expected to participate in the next scrimmage on November 3rd, and I need some skills! I had to sit out the one this month, even though I had just joined the team, because I had only attended two practices: one was a fit skate, and one was on jam skating (basically dance skating), but they’re considered mandatory unless you’re sick, injured or out of town. Hope we get a lot more of these type of practices in the next two weeks!

Thomas rode his bike up to the Rat’s Nest (where we practice) after work and met me, so we were both pretty hungry and decided to hit Wayward Vegan Cafe on the way home. He got his usual, the Wizard, and I got a nice healthy Bikini Bowl, which I’d had once before and was totally craving. It’s on their gluten-free menu and is comprised of quinoa, steamed kale, mandarin oranges, diced tomatoes, citrus marinated grilled tempeh, and served with a side of chipotle tahini. So good. Totally hit the spot. I’m trying to do clean, protein packed meals after workouts lately so I can reap the benefits of all this exercise more fully. A little more challenging since I have less time to cook with all the skating, but I thought this was an excellent restaurant meal. Hopefully once we’re settled into the new apartment, I can start doing some smarter meal planning to compensate.

Speaking of the new apartment… we’re officially moving Tuesday. So if I’m a little quiet for the next few days, that’s why. We haven’t packed a thing, but since we have 2 weeks to move, our attitude may be a little too casual. Tuesday we’re taking the big stuff over with a moving truck. Hopefully this weekend we can get most of the kitchen/bathroom/etc. stuff over there in little trips without having to make too big a deal about it. I hate moving. Not that you would know by how much I do it, but I’m hoping that we’ll be able to stay in the new place for a couple years or so, until we can get into a house.

Have a great weekend!


Vegan MoFo 2013:14 Seattle Week of Food

Published September 30, 2013 by Vegan Derby Cat Party
From the Queen Anne lookout point.

From the Queen Anne lookout point.

My parents were here this last week, and boy did we eat! We had a fantastic time, and the days just flew by. So even though I was hoping to beat my number of MoFo posts from last year, I’m not the least bit sorry. Also, congratulations to Sara, who won the Barnana giveaway! I hope you enjoy your snacks, Sara!

And now as I squeeze in my last MoFo post, with less than 2 hours to spare, I’m going to take you on a crash course of Seattle vegan food! Here we go…


We started off their trip with a drive up to Greenlake to pick up Thomas, and headed straight to our fave place for Mexican, El Chupacabra, located in Phinney Ridge. This is the perfect place to take anyone who loves Mexican food (and even those who don’t!). They can make just about anything on the menu vegan, and everything is marked clearly. They have Gardein chicken & steak, as well as Morningstar meat for vegetarians, and plenty of other choices for omni diners. This is my taco salad w/o cheese, and with vegan steak. Delicious!


My mom has just been getting into good beer, and was dying to check out a brewery for dinner, so naturally we took her to Elysian in Capitol Hill. We were still a bit full from lunch, so I just helped Thomas eat his VEGAN BURGER $11 – Field Roast vegan patty charbroiled on toasted ciabatta with sauteed peppers & onions, tomato jam and organic bibb lettuce. I had been there a couple of times before, but never to eat, and was surprised to see that they had a few awesome sounding choices that were clearly marked vegan. This sandwich was just as good as it sounds. Tomato jam? YES. My parents LOVED this place.

photo (4)

Tuesday was my dad’s birthday, and my day off, so we went down to stroll by the waterside and to check out Pike Place Market. This is how they found out about the lie that is Seattle weather. This was supposed to be a “really crappy day”.

After a brisk start through Pioneer Square, the clouds cleared, the sun came out, and so did my umbrella. (Though the atypical storm we had the last couple of days sort of made up for it, I guess!)

Mom & I in Pioneer Square

Mom & I in Pioneer Square

We ended up in Ye Olde Curiosity Shop, where we were fascinated by their resident mummies… (for more weird attractions in Seattle, click here)


And where I stumbled onto this antique Vampire Killer Kit (Eep!) containing a bible, a crucifix, holy water, a stake and a mallet. (Why does everyone want to kill us?!)


After all this strolling it was snack time, so we headed to Pike Place Bar & Grill. I got the hummus and veggies with pita.


We had drinks at the hotel, and then headed down to West Seattle’s Elliot Bay Brewing Company for dinner where my mom got the flight of beer she’d been after. After having some excellent bourbon with my pops earlier, I opted to try the root beer that they have on draft, which was terrific. They have vegetarian items clearly marked, and I got the Quinoa Garbanzo Salad $8.95 sans cheese. Mine was pretty good, except I thought the house made pickles they served along side were a bit too acidic. Thomas had the Pan Seared Tofu sandwich (not pictured), which sounded vegan except for the side of lemon mint aioli. (PS-Menu says all breads are buttered except the spent grain buns!) My parents really like this place too.

Sorry for the lighting on this one!

Sorry for the lighting on this one!

I got out of work at noon on Wednesday, so I was able to meet up with my parents for lunch. I took Britt’s recommendation for an omni/veggie sandwich shop, the Honey Hole in Cap Hill. We had passed it many times, but never checked it out. They veganized the Bellisimo $8 for me by holding the cheese and subbing Vegenaise for the red pepper mayo.  Smoked Tomato Field Roast, roma tomatoes, sauteed onions, banana peppers, fresh basil, vegenaise, and a splash of red wine vinegar on a demi baugette. OH MY YUM. I will definitely be back here so Thomas can check it out.

Mighty-Os from another day

Mighty-Os from another day

I thought they might enjoy a trip to Mighty-O Donuts in Wallingford after this, so we headed north. They must’ve had a busy day, because they were pretty low on donuts when we got there, but luckily, you can’t go wrong with Mighty-O. We got some apple spice mini donuts, a chocolate glazed, french toast and lemon poppy seed. So good. My dad said if he lived here, he’d be there all the time.

After a drive out to Golden Gardens Park to watch the sailboats, we drove over to pick up Thomas, and stopped in at Chuck’s Hop Shop in Greenwood for happy hour with their incredible selection of beer. (No pictures, sorry!)


We tried to find a place in the International District for dinner, but my mom didn’t have the recommendations list on her, and we were too late, so we headed back to my mom’s new favorite place: Elysian. I had this FANTASTIC dish, TOFU SALAD $13 – Sweet chili sauce marinated tofu slices, baked on banana leaf and served over rice vermicelli, shredded Savoy cabbage and fresh grape tomatoes; with pickled daikon and carrot ribbons and Thai basil-lemongrass vinaigrette. Garnished with hoisin sauce, fried shallots, crushed peanuts and lime wedges. That’s 2 for 2 Elysian. AND they have some of the best tasting pumpkin beers out right now? Yeah, this might be one of my new faves too. Everyone loved their beer and food all over again.

Mom & Dad :)

Mom & Dad 🙂

For dinner Thursday, we went to a chinese restaurant in the International District recommended by a member of their hotel’s staff. It was Zagat rated and had a Seattle’s Best sticker on the door from a few years ago. Unfortunately it also had a bad smell in the foyer, and was a  HORRIBLE experience. They barely had any veggie choices at all, if you can believe it. (Even the tofu dishes weren’t vegetarian! WHAT?) We got 3 plates of nearly identical Budda’s Delight variants that were ugly as sin, and sadly, completely foul. Basically, we couldn’t get out of there fast enough. Then we got to chatting in the car about restaurant choices…

Ironically, my parents had been eating vegetarian since they watched Forks over Knives up until recently. (My mom’s not a tremendous meat eater and has been on and off vegetarian her whole adult life.) Somehow on Monday at Chupa, Thomas & I got the impression that my father didn’t want to go to any vegan places, so we’d been trying really hard to find other options than the ones we knew. Apparently they’d pretty much planned on eating vegan during their trip here with us! This made the rest of their stay a lot easier, and we got to laugh off the disgusting meal. After this there were no more dining mishaps, and we even went out for ice cream to celebrate to put that horrendous meal behind us!

Ice cream makes everything better.

Ice cream makes everything better.

I could’ve sworn I took a picture of my ice cream, but I guess I didn’t so the pic above is from the beginning of the summer, on a hot day at Blue Bird Creamery, which is where we went. That’s me holding a split scoop sugar cone of their two vegan flavors, Coconut Milk Chocolate Chip & Horchata. The horchata is to-die-for, and was a favorite at our table.


Friday night we went to one of faves, Georgetown Liquor Company. Their motto is: STRONG ENOUGH FOR A CARNIVORE, MADE FOR A HERBIVORE! It’s a vegetarian bar that can make almost everything vegan. Not only do they have killer food and craft beer, they also have art, pinball and old school video game setups. I got a few rounds of NES Tetris in after I finished up my cider and this FRAC $9.77 : Lentil-sage Field Roast, Apricot Chutney, (W/O Primrose brie), fresh arugula and roma tomatoes toasted on ciabatta.

Large Southwestern

Large Southwestern

By Saturday I was really craving pizza, so we headed to Pizza Pi, an all vegan pizzeria located in the vegan strip of the University District. We usually don’t even look at a menu, we often just order what they’ve got on special, but this day, we all took our time making our selections. Ours was divine; the Southwestern has chipotle ranch sauce, chicken, green peppers, grilled onions, and bacon. So, so good. My parents go the ever-so-green St. Patrick’s Revenge, which has spinach and artichoke sauce, green peppers, broccoli, spinach, fresh basil, and they added chicken to it.


We totally pigged out and ended up going back to the hotel to drink, hangout and watch bad tv & movies. We had a GREAT night, and Thomas and my dad made a run for some late night munchies including a Taco Bell fresco bean burrito for me. 😉

All Hail Kale with grilled tempeh.

All Hail Kale with grilled tempeh.

Sunday was their last day, and we started out with a flat tire that needed to be plugged. Luckily they got us in right away, and Thomas remembered that the Lake Union Veggie Grill was right around the corner, so we had a feast at this all vegan chain. I ordered the All Hail Kale salad (above) that is delicious on its own, and really needs no dressing. I’ll give you the quick run down below.

VG Rollers for the app. Two of them were picked up, and then replace for the picture taking! Hahah.

VG Rollers for the app. Two of them were picked up, and then replace for the picture taking! Hahah.

The Buffalo Bomber with chili.

The Buffalo Bomber with chili.

The Savory Kale Caeser with dressing on the side!

The Savory Kale Caeser with dressing on the side!

The Baja Wrap with Chili.

The Baja Wrap with Chili.

They really LOVED Veggie Grill too. They’re hoping that they get down to Florida one day, but I told them if they just move here, they can have it whenever they want!

photo (6)

We did a little bit of bowling at the Garage, quickly checked out an apartment (Thomas & I found a place, and are moving at the end of October!) and then headed to Capitol Cider for our last happy hour of the trip.

This was actually from Thomas' birthday dinner, but they're the exact same no matter what Chupa you get them at!

This was actually from Thomas’ birthday dinner, but they’re the exact same no matter what Chupa you get them at!

My dad wanted to make sure he got one more meal in at El Chupacabra before he left, so we hit the Alki Beach location where I got the veggie tacos with black refried beans instead of pintos (no cheese). He was crazy about their chips & salsa, and happy with their selection of sauces. He said they were some of the best tacos he ever ate, which is a huge compliment from my father!

It was SO WONDERFUL to have my parents here. I hadn’t seen them for 6 months! Which is the longest I had ever gone without seeing them. We’ll be hitting South Florida in December though, so we don’t plan on letting it go that long again.

I hope you all had a great MoFo! Thanks for reading, and welcome to all the new followers!!!


Vegan MoFo 2013:11 The Julie Ruin, Derby & The 5 Point Cafe, Seattle

Published September 17, 2013 by Vegan Derby Cat Party
"I skate like a girl."

“I skate like a girl.”

Hello all,
Sorry to have been nearly absent last week. We’ve had a lot of AWESOME things going on lately, so I haven’t been mofo-ing as much as I planned to. (But I’m still confident I can beat my last year’s record of 14!) One of those things has been passing my skills test last weekend for the the PFM rolly derby practice squad. I had been skating twice a week for the last month to prepare, and skated a whopping 3 times last week, despite my desperately overworked legs! This past Sunday, I went to my first real practice, and it was with one of their hardest coaches. (So I’m told!) So walking and sitting and such have been especially rough since, but that didn’t stop me from heading out to The Julie Ruin show on Sunday night at Neumos! (Or from skating on my new wheels last night, which unfortunately, only helped my legs a little bit, if at all!)

The Julie Ruin

The Julie Ruin

Kathleen Hanna & Kathi Wilcox! 1/2 of my all time fave riot grrrl band Bikini Kill, from the 90s.

Kathleen Hanna & Kathi Wilcox! 1/2 of my all time fave riot grrrl band, Bikini Kill, from the 90s.

Kathleen Hanna is absolutely my hero, and I’ve worshipped her awesome feminist, riot grrrl butt since the Bikini Kill days, when I was in high school. I was so jealous of people on the west coast in those days who actually got to see them play live, but 20 years later, it finally happened to me!! The Julie Ruin is a thing she came up with a while back, but she just got a band together, including former Bikini Killer Kathi Wilcox (pictured above), and this time when she did a small tour, I was actually on it! 😀

And now to the food, since you didn’t come here to learn abour roller derby or Kathleen Hanna. 🙂 Last night we got out of the rink famished, and after hitting up a few places that weren’t still serving food, we decided to head to The 5 Point Cafe, which thankfully, is ALWAYS open. (This is the same place we took the pic for the 3rd anniversary post.)


That plate of delicious is one of their 2 unmarked vegan dishes on the menu, the “No Huevos” Rancheros: tofu, black beans, corn, Soyrizo, ranchero sauce & guacamole on tortilla strips, $9.50. Especially good doused with some of Portland’s own Secret Ardvark sauce that they keep behind the bar. (Ask for it!)

The other is the 5 Point Curry Tofu Scramble: homemade rich curry blend, a recipe taken from the legendary Green Cat Café. With vegetables and potatoes. It’s the best tofu scramble in the world. With toast, $11.50. What I usually get has been their Nachos Grande: guacamole, pico de gallo, black beans with NO cheese or sour cream,  $ 8.00, and sometimes I’ll even get a side of tater tots (which is enormous!). But after eating the above last night, (Thomas’ go-to favorite) I will likely be ordering this without hesitation, from now on.

The 5 point Cafe is a well loved favorite in Seattle, and has been open 84 years. Their motto is “Alcoholics serving alcoholics since 1929”. Located at 415 CEDAR STREET SEATTLE, WA 98119. Wide Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Full menu served all the time. 206-448-9991.

Vegan MoFo 2013:9 Wayward Vegan Cafe, Seattle & A Twin Peaks Day trip

Published September 10, 2013 by Vegan Derby Cat Party


So I’ve been WAY behind in telling you about my favorite places to eat thus far in Seattle! I’ve just been letting the pictures pile up in my phone. So thank you MoFo, for giving me the kick in the pants I needed. But before we get to that, I’m going to tell you more about our Sunday afternoon… Well, we drove out to Snoqualmie Falls.

What?! You never heard of Snoqualmie Falls? That’s probably because you know the town of Snoqualmie a whole lot better as the fictional town of Twin Peaks.

That’s Snoquamie Falls right there at the 1:42 mark of the intro!


Twin Peaks love has never died amongst the spooky, David Lynch loving set, but especially in Seattle. We’ve seen more than one framed portrait of Laura Palmer right over a bar, and there’s the 2nd Twin Peaks party in 2 months coming up around the corner.


Thomas also made a point to take us to the actual diner used for the Double R. (You can read about the history of the diner here.) Unfortunately, a fire in 2000 was cause for a gutting and a remodel, but that doesn’t keep them from keeping the tourism alive and wrapped in plastic.

Everything in Twedes was indeed wrapped in plastic, but I'm not sure that was intentional. ;)

Everything in Twedes was indeed wrapped in plastic, but I’m not sure that was intentional. 😉

Thomas' photo of the modern day Double R!

Thomas’ photo of the modern day Double R!

So needless to say, the cherry pie wasn’t vegan. But Thomas is vegetarian (even though he’s about 95% vegan, in diet, clothing, etc.) so he went right ahead and ordered the requisite pie and black coffee. The coffee WAS good, though I just had a small sip, since I haven’t drank coffee in years! But all this diner ambiance was making me want some vegan diner food of my own. So we agreed to drive straight to Wayward right after.

Since our favorite vegan bar, Highline closed their all vegan kitchen recently, we’ve been driving up to the University District a lot more to get our greasy vegan fix. And although Wayward isn’t a bar, they did start doing beer, wine, and on tap mimosas (no cider yet) right before Highline closed, but we still have Vegetarian/Vegan bar Georgetown Liquor Company down in Georgetown.

And now for the food…

Country Fried Steak $9

Country Fried Steak $9

The Griddle Combo $9

The Griddle Combo $9

Fried Mozzarella Wedges $8

Fried Mozzarella Wedges $8

Meatball Sub $10 and The Warlock $9

Meatball Sub $10 and The Warlock $9

House made meatballs with fried cheese wedges and a mayo slathered, toasted hoagie roll. This thing was a beast!

House made meatballs with fried cheese wedges and a mayo slathered, toasted hoagie roll. This thing was a beast! A delicious, yummy beast.

Mac Daddy is a $12 double decker burger that took me two days to eat. But it really hit the spot. Twice.

Mac Daddy is a $12 double decker burger that took me two days to eat. But it really hit the spot. Twice.

Bikini Bowl $8 off the gluten-free menu was incredible and has kale, quinoa, tempeh, & tahini dressing

Bikini Bowl $8 off the gluten-free menu was incredible and has kale, quinoa, tempeh, & tahini dressing

Chiggen Parm $9 chicken fried tofu, and cheese on buttery grilled cheese style bread.

Chiggen Parm $9 chicken fried tofu, and cheese on buttery grilled cheese style bread.

The Wizard $9 has definitely become Thomas' go to sandwich. He doesn't even look at the menu anymore. He gets his with fries. That broccoli slaw was mine :)

The Wizard $9 has definitely become Thomas’ go to sandwich. He doesn’t even look at the menu anymore. He gets his with fries. That broccoli slaw was mine 🙂

The best part about Wayward Vegan Cafe? We’ve never had anything bad there! The food is always delicious, and as you can see by the Bikini Bowl pictured above, they do even have some healthier options. They have a good range of gluten-free items that cover Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, and the only thing they don’t serve all day is the Dinner items, which are just from 4-9pm.

Not only that but it’s on the same block as Vegan Haven (all vegan grocery store), Araya’s Place (Vegan Thai restaurant) and just on the next block  and directly across the street from Vegan Haven is Pizza Pi (Vegan Pizzeria).

Wayward is located at 5253 University Way NE, Seattle, WA 98105. Open daily 9 AM – 9PM. 206 – 524 – 0204.

Baseball & Vegan options at Safeco Field in Seattle, WA

Published August 12, 2013 by Vegan Derby Cat Party


So if you’ve been wondering where I’ve been lately… I’ve been watching baseball, mostly the Red Sox. I bought the MLB internet package, and it’s really been taking up a lot of my time. Which frankly, has been a nice, small, baby step away from the constant strain of social media. Oh, and in case you’re wondering how a Florida girl living in Seattle is a Red Sox fan, you should probably know that It is a hereditary fandom passed down by my Cuban mom who grew up in Boston! 🙂

One of the many cool things about living in Seattle is that the Mariners are American League, and play against the Red Sox. (Unlike the Marlins!) So when the Red Sox came to town, you better believe that I dragged Thomas over to Safeco Field. I had been dying to get over there anyway to check out the vegan chili cheese dogs, but I also hadn’t seen the Red Sox since my mom took me to Fenway Park back in the mid 90s. I was beyond thrilled!


But before we settled in to watch the game, we needed to find food and cider/beer. Surprisingly enough, section 132, did not only have the aforementioned chili cheese dog stand, All American Vegetarian, which had Field Roast dogs and burgers…there were also two vegan friendly stands on either side! The Natural, on the right, offered smoothies and salads and veggie dogs, including gluten free options, and the other, Bao Choi (left), apparently has “vegan bao (soft buns filled with gochujang glazed eggplant, cilantro cabbage and kimchi mayo), created by the red-hot chef from Vedge in Philadelphia” – according to a review from Seattle Magazine.




For those of you that care, we were also pleasantly surprised by the selections of decent beers and ciders. I found 3 different kinds of cider (regular Crispin, and 2 flavors of Fox Barrel) on draft close to the bleacher section where we were sitting! The beers and ciders were around $9 for a large cup. If you want more information on the many beers available, check out this article!


And here we are settled in with our dogs, and a blackberry pear cider and a regular cider. The dogs were actually much tastier than they look here.  I read that the cheese they use is Chicago Vegan Foods Teese sauce, but it was served straight out of a squirt bottle at room temperature, making for an unappealing appearance. (I’ll probably just skip the fake cheese next time.) The chili had a lot of nice veggies in there, along with the beans, and the dogs were field roast (yum!) and came with lots of cooked onions. Pretty good, even though they were fairly cooled down by the time we got our beverages and to our seats. (You can read more about the field roast dogs at their initial introduction tasting at Helen’s blog Vegtastic or Dawn’s Vegan Moxie too!)


We had a blast, and are sure to be visiting Safeco park again soon. (We’ll even cheer for the Mariners this time, promise!) We’ll also report back with any additional food research we do, so stay tuned.  🙂

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