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100% Pure Liquid & Powder Foundations – a review

Published April 24, 2013 by Vegan Derby Cat Party


I’ve been on the hunt for vegan foundation for some time. I had been using MAC studio fix for years and years, and was scared to try anything different due to my difficult, sensitive, oily skin. When I found that 100% Pure had both liquid and powder foundations, I was so excited that I ordered both in their lightest shade. What I really like is that they’re “the first and only cosmetics colored from antioxidant rich fruit and vegetable pigments.” Since your skin is your largest organ, and absorbs everything you’re putting on it, it stands to reason that you should only put on your skin what you’d be willing to put in your mouth, right? That’s why I switched to making my own coconut oil deodorant, and that’s why I was so happy to find these products. They also both have an SPF 20 built in using titanium dioxide and zinc oxide.

For those of you who care, their lightest shade, Créme, is light enough! (My skin is too light for some lines, altogether.) Probably even a little too light for me according to some, but that’s how I wear my makeup thank you very much, and without blush, because I’m a goth girl at heart.

Powder Foundation

It comes in a metal tin instead of a compact with mirror. Towards the end of the product, the powder did break apart and crumble instead of leaving a little ring of powder, but it stayed pretty well in the container. From the reviews I read on their site, it used to come in a plastic compact that fell apart easily, so I guess this is their second attempt at the packaging. Still, it would be nice to have a compact with a mirror, and with an applicator sponge included.

I applied the powder with a damp sponge applicator from my last MAC compact…


I decided to give you two separate chances to look at how terrible my skin is up close! (Go ahead and click the pictures to zoom in.) If you look carefully, you’ll see not only my Rosacea, but also that my skin was grumbling and breaking out about the new product. I recalled this happening to me when I switched from studio fix liquid to powder foundation years ago, and decided to stick it out, at least until the end of the compact.


After a couple of weeks, my skin settled down and got used to it just as I had suspected. Here’s me later that day in natural light, in my work wig.


(I wear a wig to work because I currently have dark purple hair.)


Liquid Foundation

Now the reason I switched to powder foundation years ago was because my face is so greasy. With the studio fix, I was super oily even before my lunch break. I found the powder kept me matte much longer. However, my skin has gotten a bit dryer due to our move from South Florida to Seattle, so when I ran out of the powder foundation last week, I decided to give the liquid a try. I think with my new dryer skin, the powder was making my skin look too flaky and old.

Here is a picture of me in the liquid foundation (in natural light) after working all day. 13 hours, without blotting once! Definitely a sheen, but not bad at all! So I’m going to continue to wear it and see how my skin fares. It may have to go through the whole adjustment process again, but that’s okay.


It comes complete with a pump already installed so it’s easy to dispense. I used a dry foundation brush to apply it…


And here’s me made up (with a couple of other products I’ll be reviewing for you soon!) in the fading afternoon/evening natural light…



** EDIT  8/12/13 : STILL ON THE 1st BOTTLE! I truly can’t believe how long it’s lasted. (I have 2 bottles on standby from when I thought I was close to out 2 months ago!) My skin seems to have finally become accustomed to it. Besides the chalkiness upon initially applying, I haven’t found a better vegan foundation. I really like the ingredients, the coverage and the fact that it has sunscreen! **

I find the pricing of the liquid to be reasonable at $32 USD for 1.7 oz / 50 g. (MAC studio fix liquid is $26 for 1 oz.) The powder foundation is slightly spendier for how much you get at $26 for  0.316 oz / 9 g. (MAC studio fix powder is $27 for 0 .52 oz/15 g). We’ll see which lasts longer!

I think the liquid gives better coverage than the powder. I’m guessing that’s why I ran out of the powder so quickly, because I needed to apply more layers to get the same coverage. So the powder will probably work better for someone looking for less coverage, applied either damp or dry.

Find all of their products at their website Most of their offerings are vegan, and you can do a search for only their vegan products at the top. The only exception is “cruelty free honey” in certain products.

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