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My Perfect Pumpkin Pie recipe!

Published October 17, 2012 by Vegan Derby Cat Party

All my hard work last year testing pies and working on a recipe paid off with my little masterpiece here. And pumpkin pie season this year has definitely begun! I already made two pies this week, 1 for Thomas, and 1 for a coworker who’s not even vegan and loved it! And I’m making two more pies (crustless) for me and another coworker this week, and possibly a couple more next week! The original post has been receiving lots of traffic, so I thought I’d go ahead and share it with you for VeganMofo, with plenty of time to get rotated in to your holiday meals! Try it and see what you think 🙂

PS – I also tried out my theory of eating it warm and custardy and it was delicious. I ate it the first “slice” after it had cooled on the counter for about an hour. The house smelled so good, it was hard to resist. It won’t really firm up until it’s fully cooled in the fridge though!

Vegan Derby Cat Party

I’m happy to report that my last trial pumpkin pie last night came out PERFECT! 😀 This was my third attempt and it yielded a pie with the absolute perfect texture. Not too soft, not too firm, lots of pumpkin goodness and just the right amount of spice. I was waiting until today to see what resulted after the full chilling in the fridge, but Thomas knew right away when he dug in that this was the one. I’m about to go make 5 of these for tomorrow! I’m going to make one in a glass pie plate without crust for those that wanna keep it low in fat and calories. (Or ahem, those of us who have been testing pies all month! ; ) I’ll update with how that works out too. I may be putting up some more recipes today for those of you looking for a last…

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