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Life Update – In Search of the Hypoallergenic Cat

Published May 9, 2012 by Vegan Derby Cat Party

I miss my Boris.

So not a food post. Just checking in.

Some of you may know that I adopted out Boris & Tashi. It was a very difficult decision to make, and it had been a long time in the works. We had kept them out of the bedroom for the last year to help with Thomas’ allergies & asthma symptoms, and it made it very difficult on all of us, but especially for Boris. He’d been with me the longest, and couldn’t understand why he was being shut out. Consequently, we weren’t spending enough time with them anymore, and then we moved to an apartment half the size and it was no longer working. Even my slight allergies to them worsened in the smaller place. In the end I decided to adopt them both out, so they could stay together. They went to a wonderful lady in Naples, Fl who’s mainecoon cat had passed last year, & who loves them like crazy, has lots of time to spend with them, and spoils them rotten.

Recently, we attempted to adopt a greyhound, but it didn’t work out at all. She was a wonderful dog, very sweet and smart, so not her fault in any way. Along with me getting hives, the experience really solidified the fact that I have always been, and will always be a cat person. Her presence only made the separation I felt from Boris even worse, and really a dog was a huge conflict with our lifestyle. So we wish her all the best in her forever home when she finds it! She certainly deserves one!

In order to not have to go through another emotional situation with a pet, I’m attempting to find a more hypoallergenic cat for the future. Even though I would prefer a rescue ethically, I’m trying to find the right breed to make this possible. As a kid we had Balinese cats, because they were the only ones my extremely allergic & asthmatic mother was able to tolerate. Over the years she became a little more tolerant to other cats as well. Balinese cats still come up as one of the top hypoallergenic breeds, but they still shed a lot of hair = so more airborne allergen, especially in a small apartment. So I’ve been researching Devon Rex cats. My friend has 2, and we’re going to pay him a visit to see how Thomas can tolerate being in a Rex home. It would also be great to have my mom be able to come into my house for more than 5 minutes, as well as other allergic people in my life, so that would be a big plus.

bluepoint Devon Rex. same color as some of my ragdolls & balinese cats from the past.

Cross your fingers for us!

I’ll try to get cooking some more again, and slack a little less now that some of this drama has subsided!


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