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Go Raw – Carrot Cake Super Cookies

Published September 9, 2012 by Vegan Derby Cat Party


Hi! Just a quick follow up to my last post, reviewing Go Raw’s snacks. I picked up the Carrot Cake Super Cookies this week, and thought I might as well give you a quick review on them as well. These are super sweet! The strongest flavors are carrot and coconut, and there is no balancing salty aspect like with the pumpkin chips, which I happen to prefer, but I’m not much of a sweet tooth. I’m positive some of you will just adore these! If you like sweets, and would like a healthy alternative snack, they’re worth checking out. 🙂

Go Raw – Assorted raw snacks

Published September 1, 2012 by Vegan Derby Cat Party

Have you had any of Go Raw‘s line of dehydrated salty or sweet snacks? If not you’re definitely missing out. I first got hooked on the Pizza Flax Snax. The seasoning and seeds remind me of the Pizzeria Pretzel Combos I loved so much as an adolescent!


For a sweeter taste, try the Pumpkin Super Chips. They are subtly sweet and still slightly salty, for a really delicious, nutritious treat! I can’t wait to try all of their other flavors. I definitely want to check out their carrot cake cookie ones too. I found these at Whole Foods, but if you do find a favorite flavor you can order them in more economical 6 packs on amazon.com here: Go Raw


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