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Raw Apple Pie #2

Published August 28, 2012 by Vegan Derby Cat Party


Well, it had been far too long since I posted about and ate Raw Apple Pie #1, so I decided to remedy that. Here’s a slightly modified version using some substitutions like prunes and unrefined coconut oil, which made this crust smell heavenly. And P.S.- You don’t have to use buckwheat groats. You can use all almonds, or a combination of almonds and walnuts would probably be delicious! Hmm… Sounds like a good idea for Raw Apple Pie #3! 🙂

Raw Apple Pie #2

1 c. buckwheat groats
1/2 c. raw almonds
5 prunes
3 tbsp. of raisins
2 tsp. unrefined coconut oil
2 tbsp. raw agave
2 tsp. cinnamon
pinch of nutmeg
pinch of allspice
pinch of ground ginger
small of sea salt

1 apple, cut into chunks
2 ripe bananas, broken in half or quartered
3 tbsp. raisins
2 tsp. of cinnamon

1 apple, thinly sliced for topping


1. Add buckwheat groats and almonds to a food processor and grind down to a sandy texture. Add prunes, raisins, oil, agave and spices, and pulse until well combined. Press firmly into a pie plate with a rubber spatula.

2. Add apple, bananas, raisins and cinnamon to processor and blend until smooth. Scrape out with spatula and spread onto crust.

3. Arrange apple slices in a pinwheel pattern to completely cover pie. (I start on the outside and work my way in!) Sprinkle with cinnamon and cover tightly with plastic wrap.

This slices up best when left to set in the fridge overnight!




Raw Food’s raw Apple Pie

Published March 20, 2011 by Vegan Derby Cat Party

So I recently got 2 raw food books, Raw Food: a complete guide for every meal of the day and Raw Food/Real World: 100 recipes to get the glow. I started with RF because it’s more of a beginner book as it doesn’t require the raw foodist fancies: a dehydrator, a spiralizer, a high powered blender. (Though I do have the vitamix, I have neither a dehydrator or spiralizer.) RF/RW is written by the owners of Pure Food & Wine in NYC, and the recipes are little more involved & advanced, but sound delicious.

It was pretty simple to make, but it does require a food processor. But the processor really does all the work for you.

The recipe and the picture! This is a really beautifully illustrated book.

The crust is mostly made up of the 1 3/4 cups almonds.

Finely ground.

Add some dates and spice and honey. Yes, I occasionally use honey. It would probably work with raw agave just fine.

Press into a pie plate.

Filling is apple, banana, dates, spices

Blended smooth.

Topped with a sliced apple…

and sprinkled with cinnamon!


This was really yummy! It was better and easier to cut/serve after a couple of days in the fridge. Recipe says 4 servings, but clearly it’s more like 8. It made a nice little brunch treat too.

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