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Hi, I’m Ty, A.K.A. Vampira Bitely!

I started this blog in early 2010, as cameraphonevegan.com, while living in Brooklyn for a few months, right after I went vegan. A lot of things changed and happened in that time, though, so in late 2013, the blog was due for a shift. I entered the amazing world of roller derby here in Seattle, and the blog morphed into Vegan Derby Cat Party.

As of March 2015, we have moved to a new home, new life, new blog, and can now be found blogging at…

Vegan Vampire Bites .com!!



Ty, Thomas, Ganon, & Midna

tt vamps

Ganon & Midna. The cats that make this blog a party.

Q & A

How long have you been eating vegan?

I was actually vegetarian from 1992-2000, and then ate very vegetarian-heavy omni for 10 years. After feeling a certain uneasiness about that, and reading some vegan books that showed me how much meat & dairy industries were intertwined, I decided to happily ditch meat again and go vegan this time. My official eating vegan start date was January 2010. 

After my focus being more on diet for the first couple of years, I became much more adamant about trying to make all my lifestyle items as vegan as possible too. It was a daunting task at the very beginning, and would have been more wasteful and expensive than I thought was practical. However, moving 4,000 miles away created a great opportunity for donating almost all of my earthly possessions, and I’ve been able to focus on seeking out more ethical purchases since.

How did you get interested in derby?

I had been super interested in getting involved with roller derby, probably since a couple of girls from the Gold Coast Derby Grrrls approached me about it in a rink somewhere around 2007/8. I was in radiation therapy school back then, and had no health insurance, but it definitely stayed in the back of my mind. When Thomas and I started dating in late 2010, we really started making more regular skating a priority. He has a speed skating, roller hockey and rink rat history, and I spent almost all of my time outdoors as a kid in a pool or on skates.

Are your cats Sphynx / rescues?

Unfortunately, Thomas proved to be extremely allergic (and asthmatic) to my previous fluffy cats who went to an extremely good home. Midna is a sphynx and Ganon is a sphynx crossed with a devon rex. We weren’t able to find rescue cats to adopt due to the rarity of the breeds. Thankfully, Thomas has had no problem with them at all, and neither have any of our cat allergic friends who normally can’t be in a home with feline friends. It was an immense relief to me, because I can’t imagine not having a cat, and they both really enrich our lives so much.



26 comments on “About

  • Hi,

    I am a vegan charter pilot and have a blog, Marty’s Flying Vegan Review.

    Maybe we could get together for a dinner/lunch when I drop into Florida on my irregular schedule.

    I’m trying to form a vegan bloggers get together in NYC but of course, you bailed back to warm weather, beaches and sun so I have to eliminate you from contention, unless of course you come back for a visit.



  • Yeah Tanya! I am so proud of you 🙂 I have been so busy with the twins so this is the first time I got around to checking your blog out! I don’t know if I am ready to give up my meat and cheese but always willing to eat more healthy humane foods… any suggestions or recommendations on what recipe/s to try first? XO

    • thanks for coming to check it out! : ) i know you’re a busy momma. what recipe to try first? there are some amazing empanadas that i’ll be posting later in the week! i’m making some for a potluck next sunday, so i’m gonna make the picadillo ahead, and then fry them up at the house. i guess it depends how much time you wanna spend cooking, hah! if you want a recipe for something specific, email me on facebook, and i will try to deliver. xoxox

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