Vegan Super Bowl Snack Round-Up

Published January 29, 2014 by Vegan Derby Cat Party

I thought this was a nice round-up of snacks for those of you doing footbally stuff this weekend. I keep forgetting that Sunday is the super bowl. Which you’d think would be difficult given that we live in Seattle and everyone here is completely OBSESSED. Okay, well maybe not obsessed, because I still have Jet City practice at 11am and PFM practice at 3pm on Sunday. 😉 Thomas is even more indifferent to sports than I am (I make him watch baseball!) and has already told me he’d rather just stream old roller derby bouts instead of watching “the big game”. Plus, Saturday evening, we have the Rat City/Jet City Double Header (Grave Danger vs. North Sound Spartans & Camaro Harem vs. Juneau Rollergirls), so we’ll have plenty of roller sports to go around!

Are you making anything good this weekend?

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