My new kitchen!

Published November 2, 2013 by Vegan Derby Cat Party
2013 Capitol Hill, Seattle WA

2013 Capitol Hill, Seattle WA

I went ahead and updated the Ty’s Kitchen page with the new kitchen. (I missed the last two apartments, but they were sort of similar setups!)

This is my 2nd kitchen in Seattle. More cabinet space than I’ve had in years! Which is great so I can make the most of the counter space. The only thing that’s weird is that the fridge isn’t full size. It’s quite narrow and small, but given that our fridge was nearly empty half the time in our last place in 1st Hill, I guess it’ll be fine! This place is similar to our last 2 apartments in that it’s a 1/1 somewhere on the lower end of the 500-650 sq ft, but we LOVE the location and it has a nice layout. We hope to just stay put here until we’re ready for a house.

We got the last of our things out of the old place last night, so I just have to go drop off the keys today! So glad to have that over after doing this very drawn out move over the last 2 weeks! After that I’m going to head up to do a little last minute skating with the girls before scrimmage tomorrow. Every two weeks we have a minimum skills try out for girls interested in skating with PFM to get cleared to come to practice. So that’ll be a nice little way to warm up for tomorrow since I skipped practice on Thursday because of Halloween!

Hope you’re having a great weekend! 🙂

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