Vegan MoFo 2013:14 Seattle Week of Food

Published September 30, 2013 by Vegan Derby Cat Party
From the Queen Anne lookout point.

From the Queen Anne lookout point.

My parents were here this last week, and boy did we eat! We had a fantastic time, and the days just flew by. So even though I was hoping to beat my number of MoFo posts from last year, I’m not the least bit sorry. Also, congratulations to Sara, who won the Barnana giveaway! I hope you enjoy your snacks, Sara!

And now as I squeeze in my last MoFo post, with less than 2 hours to spare, I’m going to take you on a crash course of Seattle vegan food! Here we go…


We started off their trip with a drive up to Greenlake to pick up Thomas, and headed straight to our fave place for Mexican, El Chupacabra, located in Phinney Ridge. This is the perfect place to take anyone who loves Mexican food (and even those who don’t!). They can make just about anything on the menu vegan, and everything is marked clearly. They have Gardein chicken & steak, as well as Morningstar meat for vegetarians, and plenty of other choices for omni diners. This is my taco salad w/o cheese, and with vegan steak. Delicious!


My mom has just been getting into good beer, and was dying to check out a brewery for dinner, so naturally we took her to Elysian in Capitol Hill. We were still a bit full from lunch, so I just helped Thomas eat his VEGAN BURGER $11 – Field Roast vegan patty charbroiled on toasted ciabatta with sauteed peppers & onions, tomato jam and organic bibb lettuce. I had been there a couple of times before, but never to eat, and was surprised to see that they had a few awesome sounding choices that were clearly marked vegan. This sandwich was just as good as it sounds. Tomato jam? YES. My parents LOVED this place.

photo (4)

Tuesday was my dad’s birthday, and my day off, so we went down to stroll by the waterside and to check out Pike Place Market. This is how they found out about the lie that is Seattle weather. This was supposed to be a “really crappy day”.

After a brisk start through Pioneer Square, the clouds cleared, the sun came out, and so did my umbrella. (Though the atypical storm we had the last couple of days sort of made up for it, I guess!)

Mom & I in Pioneer Square

Mom & I in Pioneer Square

We ended up in Ye Olde Curiosity Shop, where we were fascinated by their resident mummies… (for more weird attractions in Seattle, click here)


And where I stumbled onto this antique Vampire Killer Kit (Eep!) containing a bible, a crucifix, holy water, a stake and a mallet. (Why does everyone want to kill us?!)


After all this strolling it was snack time, so we headed to Pike Place Bar & Grill. I got the hummus and veggies with pita.


We had drinks at the hotel, and then headed down to West Seattle’s Elliot Bay Brewing Company for dinner where my mom got the flight of beer she’d been after. After having some excellent bourbon with my pops earlier, I opted to try the root beer that they have on draft, which was terrific. They have vegetarian items clearly marked, and I got the Quinoa Garbanzo Salad $8.95 sans cheese. Mine was pretty good, except I thought the house made pickles they served along side were a bit too acidic. Thomas had the Pan Seared Tofu sandwich (not pictured), which sounded vegan except for the side of lemon mint aioli. (PS-Menu says all breads are buttered except the spent grain buns!) My parents really like this place too.

Sorry for the lighting on this one!

Sorry for the lighting on this one!

I got out of work at noon on Wednesday, so I was able to meet up with my parents for lunch. I took Britt’s recommendation for an omni/veggie sandwich shop, the Honey Hole in Cap Hill. We had passed it many times, but never checked it out. They veganized the Bellisimo $8 for me by holding the cheese and subbing Vegenaise for the red pepper mayo.  Smoked Tomato Field Roast, roma tomatoes, sauteed onions, banana peppers, fresh basil, vegenaise, and a splash of red wine vinegar on a demi baugette. OH MY YUM. I will definitely be back here so Thomas can check it out.

Mighty-Os from another day

Mighty-Os from another day

I thought they might enjoy a trip to Mighty-O Donuts in Wallingford after this, so we headed north. They must’ve had a busy day, because they were pretty low on donuts when we got there, but luckily, you can’t go wrong with Mighty-O. We got some apple spice mini donuts, a chocolate glazed, french toast and lemon poppy seed. So good. My dad said if he lived here, he’d be there all the time.

After a drive out to Golden Gardens Park to watch the sailboats, we drove over to pick up Thomas, and stopped in at Chuck’s Hop Shop in Greenwood for happy hour with their incredible selection of beer. (No pictures, sorry!)


We tried to find a place in the International District for dinner, but my mom didn’t have the recommendations list on her, and we were too late, so we headed back to my mom’s new favorite place: Elysian. I had this FANTASTIC dish, TOFU SALAD $13 – Sweet chili sauce marinated tofu slices, baked on banana leaf and served over rice vermicelli, shredded Savoy cabbage and fresh grape tomatoes; with pickled daikon and carrot ribbons and Thai basil-lemongrass vinaigrette. Garnished with hoisin sauce, fried shallots, crushed peanuts and lime wedges. That’s 2 for 2 Elysian. AND they have some of the best tasting pumpkin beers out right now? Yeah, this might be one of my new faves too. Everyone loved their beer and food all over again.

Mom & Dad :)

Mom & Dad 🙂

For dinner Thursday, we went to a chinese restaurant in the International District recommended by a member of their hotel’s staff. It was Zagat rated and had a Seattle’s Best sticker on the door from a few years ago. Unfortunately it also had a bad smell in the foyer, and was a  HORRIBLE experience. They barely had any veggie choices at all, if you can believe it. (Even the tofu dishes weren’t vegetarian! WHAT?) We got 3 plates of nearly identical Budda’s Delight variants that were ugly as sin, and sadly, completely foul. Basically, we couldn’t get out of there fast enough. Then we got to chatting in the car about restaurant choices…

Ironically, my parents had been eating vegetarian since they watched Forks over Knives up until recently. (My mom’s not a tremendous meat eater and has been on and off vegetarian her whole adult life.) Somehow on Monday at Chupa, Thomas & I got the impression that my father didn’t want to go to any vegan places, so we’d been trying really hard to find other options than the ones we knew. Apparently they’d pretty much planned on eating vegan during their trip here with us! This made the rest of their stay a lot easier, and we got to laugh off the disgusting meal. After this there were no more dining mishaps, and we even went out for ice cream to celebrate to put that horrendous meal behind us!

Ice cream makes everything better.

Ice cream makes everything better.

I could’ve sworn I took a picture of my ice cream, but I guess I didn’t so the pic above is from the beginning of the summer, on a hot day at Blue Bird Creamery, which is where we went. That’s me holding a split scoop sugar cone of their two vegan flavors, Coconut Milk Chocolate Chip & Horchata. The horchata is to-die-for, and was a favorite at our table.


Friday night we went to one of faves, Georgetown Liquor Company. Their motto is: STRONG ENOUGH FOR A CARNIVORE, MADE FOR A HERBIVORE! It’s a vegetarian bar that can make almost everything vegan. Not only do they have killer food and craft beer, they also have art, pinball and old school video game setups. I got a few rounds of NES Tetris in after I finished up my cider and this FRAC $9.77 : Lentil-sage Field Roast, Apricot Chutney, (W/O Primrose brie), fresh arugula and roma tomatoes toasted on ciabatta.

Large Southwestern

Large Southwestern

By Saturday I was really craving pizza, so we headed to Pizza Pi, an all vegan pizzeria located in the vegan strip of the University District. We usually don’t even look at a menu, we often just order what they’ve got on special, but this day, we all took our time making our selections. Ours was divine; the Southwestern has chipotle ranch sauce, chicken, green peppers, grilled onions, and bacon. So, so good. My parents go the ever-so-green St. Patrick’s Revenge, which has spinach and artichoke sauce, green peppers, broccoli, spinach, fresh basil, and they added chicken to it.


We totally pigged out and ended up going back to the hotel to drink, hangout and watch bad tv & movies. We had a GREAT night, and Thomas and my dad made a run for some late night munchies including a Taco Bell fresco bean burrito for me. 😉

All Hail Kale with grilled tempeh.

All Hail Kale with grilled tempeh.

Sunday was their last day, and we started out with a flat tire that needed to be plugged. Luckily they got us in right away, and Thomas remembered that the Lake Union Veggie Grill was right around the corner, so we had a feast at this all vegan chain. I ordered the All Hail Kale salad (above) that is delicious on its own, and really needs no dressing. I’ll give you the quick run down below.

VG Rollers for the app. Two of them were picked up, and then replace for the picture taking! Hahah.

VG Rollers for the app. Two of them were picked up, and then replace for the picture taking! Hahah.

The Buffalo Bomber with chili.

The Buffalo Bomber with chili.

The Savory Kale Caeser with dressing on the side!

The Savory Kale Caeser with dressing on the side!

The Baja Wrap with Chili.

The Baja Wrap with Chili.

They really LOVED Veggie Grill too. They’re hoping that they get down to Florida one day, but I told them if they just move here, they can have it whenever they want!

photo (6)

We did a little bit of bowling at the Garage, quickly checked out an apartment (Thomas & I found a place, and are moving at the end of October!) and then headed to Capitol Cider for our last happy hour of the trip.

This was actually from Thomas' birthday dinner, but they're the exact same no matter what Chupa you get them at!

This was actually from Thomas’ birthday dinner, but they’re the exact same no matter what Chupa you get them at!

My dad wanted to make sure he got one more meal in at El Chupacabra before he left, so we hit the Alki Beach location where I got the veggie tacos with black refried beans instead of pintos (no cheese). He was crazy about their chips & salsa, and happy with their selection of sauces. He said they were some of the best tacos he ever ate, which is a huge compliment from my father!

It was SO WONDERFUL to have my parents here. I hadn’t seen them for 6 months! Which is the longest I had ever gone without seeing them. We’ll be hitting South Florida in December though, so we don’t plan on letting it go that long again.

I hope you all had a great MoFo! Thanks for reading, and welcome to all the new followers!!!


5 comments on “Vegan MoFo 2013:14 Seattle Week of Food

  • Great write-up! I learned a few things and I’ve lived in the area foe a long time! The Bluebird creamery vegan option is great news. And Chupa has an Alki location? I didn’t know!. I’m so there! Your time with your parents sounded great!

  • Yay! What a lovely visit from your folks. I love the pic of your mom using the umbrella not for rain…but for sun. That’s definitely like the opposite of what people expect from Seattle 🙂 And I totally want that vampire kit! It totally speaks to my inner Buffy. That is so wonderful that your parents are open to eating all the vegan cuisines. I know what you mean though about feeling like non-vegan family members not wanting to eat vegan…though in my case it’s often true 😛

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