Mat & Nat Vegan Handbags, A Review

Published July 19, 2013 by Vegan Derby Cat Party


I posted a while back about the awesome Gunas bag that I got, but failed to fill you in on the awesome deals I scored on for Matt & Nat bags! These have certainly become my favorite bags over the last few months.

I was particularly lucky that I was able to find their previous season bags at discount because they were much more in line with my aesthetic than their current, more brightly colored, and plainer line. These had nice luxe fabrics including quilted patent and velvety textured fabric, as well as attractive and versatile bronze colored, metal hardware. And if you read my previous post about vegan handbags, then you know I’m a stickler for good hardware! (Helen from Vegtastic! has a larger, but very similar style of  bag to the wristlet below, and I had thoroughly checked the quality of her’s while we were out to dinner one night, prior to purchasing!)


Even though I adore this purse, it’s obviously not all purpose due to its diminutive size. That being said, it has totally filled my need for a dressy vegan wristlet perfectly! The short metal chain can be detached completely, worn as a short strap, or doubled over for a wristlet loop. It also came with a long, lightweight crossbody strap made from the same crinkly patenty fabric as the lining under the flap. I adore it! The lining is made from 4 recycled plastic bottles.


The above bag has become my favorite everyday bag. It comes with an extremely long and fairly heavy metal chain strap (with patent fabric woven into it a la Chanel) that I have not been using much lately due to the weight. It is really convenient to have a strap though for things like grocery shopping, so I keep the strap close to where I keep my keys, in case I think I’ll be needing it. It’s designed to be worn a number of ways besides the obvious cross body shown here. I use it most often as a hand held using the built in handles, but it can also be folded over as a clutch, or worn as a strapped folded baguette type of purse with the additional attachment rings on the back. (See below!)


Those two bottom corner zipper pockets are actually functional, but can only hold something really small like a lip balm. The inside of this one is made from 10 recycled plastic bottles. 🙂 This one is much roomier in comparison, but the zippered portion is still only about halfway up in this bag, so I’d kind of been thinking it’d be nice to have a shoulder bag to fill the gap between the two.

Conveniently, 6pm happened to have one left of that exact wish, which I ordered as I sat down to write this. It’s basically the bigger version of the wristlet, but in that lovely quilted patent. I figured it was too perfect to pass up, especially since M & N are no longer making it, and 6pm only had 1 left in stock! Given how much I’ve already been loving these bags, I think I would’ve been rueful had I not jumped on it.  I do hope Matt & Nat go back to some dressier, gothier styles again once fall/winter roll around. Their quality is excellent, and I love buying from vegan, eco conscious companies.

They still have some of the aforementioned style, the Santogold (same as Helen’s!), left on their site in that super cool crinkly patent, if you’re interested. (And two of the three colors are black & purple!) What’s even better is that they are on sale, along with the matching wallets of the same type, including my favorite style which is this one or maybe this!, so I may have to snatch that up while I still can. (And replace that hello kitty one from Vegas with something a little nicer!) 🙂


Do you ever shop on for vegan stuff? It’s basically the close out for and if you type vegan into the search bar you’ll find great deals on everything from vegan nail polish, to shoes and handbags. Definitely worth checking out.

5 comments on “Mat & Nat Vegan Handbags, A Review

  • I absolutely LOVE my Matt & Nat bag. It’s board room quality, so I can use it at work, and still cute as hell. And blue. 🙂

  • I love both of your bags! I didn’t realize that the quilted patent one is M&N — it looks so vintage cool. I totally just went on to see what else they have — thanks for tipping everyone off to them!!

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