Think you’re too busy for green smoothies?

Published July 9, 2013 by Vegan Derby Cat Party


I’ve been busy with our friend Jay’s visit for the last week, and haven’t been in the kitchen much. All that eating out had left me feeling a bit junky though, so we picked up a bag of frozen spinach last night at the grocery store.

I’m here to tell you that making green smoothies can be as simple as you like. I won’t get up any earlier in the morning to make ours, so I make them at night, before bed. Then they’re ready to grab as we head out the door. I use my giant reusable slurpee straw to stir mine back up the next day, but Thomas has a blender bottle. (Just a plastic bottle with a whisk like ball dropped in to mix the contents.) If there is any left I pour it into a ball jar that you can shake up for a quick snack.

I also shamelessly use frozen fruit and greens. My greens are generally kale, collards, spinach or a mixed variety bag (even broccoli in a pinch!). My fruits tend to be pineapple, mango, and berries. The only fresh items I really use are bananas, apples and pears, or occasionally citrus. I buy over-ripe bananas or let mine fully ripen, peel & halve, and then freeze them myself. I try to buy organic for greens, berries, apples or pears, but sometimes I can’t.

What am I getting at? We just feel better when we drink green smoothies… even if they’re not made fresh that second, or from all fresh, organic ingredients. The freezer stuff is cheaper and easier, and it keeps my morning routine as simple as possible. Find what works for you, and try it and see. You’ll be glad that you did! 🙂

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