Thai 65 – Seattle’s University District & Seattle Update!

Published November 2, 2012 by Vegan Derby Cat Party


Hey everyone! I’m alive! Just a quick update from Seattle. I arrived Tuesday and have been busy trying to get us an apartment since I got here. Great news is, it looks like we’ll be getting the apartment we had been eyeing for the last year after all, and Ganon & I could be moving in as soon as today or tomorrow! Speaking of tomorrow, I have the Vida Vegan Con tech seminar tomorrow where a couple of my twitter friends, Helen of Vegtastic! And Dawn of Veganmoxie will be giving presentations. And it’s being catered by the much buzzed about Veggie Grill, which I happened to see by coincidence last night in the University district.

We had gone there just to check out the area, and were overwhelmed by all the great choices of food! Vietnamese, Thai, and Indian were a toss up, but we ended up at Thai 65 in the end. I had a DELICIOUS Orange Tofu with brown rice, ordered heat level 4 (the hottest – “very hot”). Our server told us to order 4, because it’s not a traditional Thai scale of heat, and he was correct. I totally forgot we had ordered it with heat at all until he checked in with us at the end. Still, it was a nice tingle. 🙂

I have a phone interview today at 2 for a per diem job that could lead to a 2nd, in person interview, so wish me luck! Also wish me luck on getting in to the apt today, b/c I am actually limping from all the walking I did around downtown’s crazy steep streets yesterday, and I would like a short distance to get to my seminar tomorrow. Which actually, come to think, I need to google the location of again! Which is at the central library, and extremely close to our new place!!

Talk to you soon!


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