Sublime Happy Hour – Fort Lauderdale, Fl

Published October 8, 2012 by Vegan Derby Cat Party


So to start off my mini-theme this week of restaurant reviews I forgot to tell you about, I’ll start with this entry from my birthday week back at the end of August. I ended up taking the week off. I had PTO, I was going through some stuff, so it kinda just worked out. One of these nights, I decided to go hit Sublime for happy hour and get some dinner after having a sort of disastrous birthday dinner out the night before. (The company was good, the restaurant, however, was not!) I’ve never been the biggest fan of Sublime, but I have had some really nice times at happy hour, so I decided to give it a go. The same bartender that had been there the last times I had gone (it had been at least a year or two) was there, and he’s just great. I didn’t even end up reading my kindle that I brought along for company. I was also really impressed with their further expanded beer list. I started with a Terrapin Hopsecutioner, which I ended up taking the last of. So delicious!


I ordered one of their sushi rolls to start, and they also brought out their always yummy complimentary polenta. As far as the sushi goes, I always notice how BLAND their wasabi is. I mean, truly, no kick whatsoever. Also, I had to scrape some of the veganaise off. It was just a lot. Besides that, very, very tasty. Mmm, capers!


After this I switched to a Rogue Dead Guy beer and sat and drank it for awhile trying to decide if I wanted to eat anything else.


I ended up deciding on a half order of what I want to say was fire-cracker noodles? I tried to check the website, but the menu listed on there seems incomplete. (I couldn’t find the sushi rolls on it, either.) He brought me an extra side of Sriracha sauce after I complained that the wasabi wasn’t strong enough, hah! And it’s true, this “spicy” dish did benefit from the extra hot sauce. It was really very good, even though sadly, I got full right away, and ended up boxing up the majority.

So I ended having a really nice birthday dinner after all, just a day late.  Thanks, Sublime! 🙂

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