Fearless – Organic, Raw Vegan Chocolate!

Published October 6, 2012 by Vegan Derby Cat Party


I discovered Fearless at the well stocked nutrition store I love to frequent whenever we hit Thomas’ home town of Winter Haven. This delicious chocolate has the best of everything going on for it… raw vegan and organic to boot! The packaging couldn’t be cuter, and the chocolate wrapper is printed with adorable multicolored elephants and the chocolate is stamped with stars.

The chocolate is not only cute, but incredibly good too. The first one I got was the Sweet & Hot Hibiscus Ginger, which we loved, and I’m pretty sure is my favorite. It hits you with ginger and leaves you with a floral Hibiscus aftertaste.

After looking for it at our Whole Foods here, and striking out, I was thrilled to find it at the local organic market, despite the higher price. Here I picked up the Matcha Mint and Exploding Coconuts. The Matcha Mint is really good if you’re into mint chocolate, which I am. The Matcha part refers to the matcha green tea, which is yummy, but I think got me a little too hopped up on the combination of cacao and tea caffeine! Mind you, I’m more sensitive than average because white tea is usually as caffeinated as I get, which is pretty darn minimal. The Exploding Coconuts is just what you’d expect, smooth dark chocolate bursting with shredded coconut bliss!

If you can’t find Fearless near you, you can always shop them through their website online. They’re a great company and donate 10% to worthy causes, as well as take a very environmentally conscious approach to their business. You can read more about that here! 🙂

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