Personal Utensil Set

Published August 8, 2012 by Vegan Derby Cat Party


Ever since LJ of Veganlicious Meetups  pulled out her set of utensils at a Sweat Records vegan waffle brunch last year, the idea to get my own had been lingering in my mind.

LJ & I

I eat lunch in my car often enough that I figured it was time to finally find a set. Though I do love that her set was made from a renewable source like bamboo, there were certain technical aspects that kept me searching. For me the fork’s design was the most important feature, as this is the utensil I use most. While this fork’s tongs could still be a little sharper for stabbing up all kinds of awesome bits of salad, it does a pretty fine job. This set didn’t come with a knife, but with a spoon and chopsticks, and all the pieces feel good in the hand. It’s extremely easy to assemble the pieces, and it comes in a lightweight, secure, and easily cleanable plastic case. The pieces themselves wipe up easily with a napkin for hasty storage.

Even though it’s a plastic set, I’ll feel better about reusing my personal set, and skipping on that endless stream of plastic forks. Especially because so many casual restaurants rely on them. Here’s the set I got on Amazon. I was secretly hoping they’d send me the purple set in some of the pictures, but I’m very happy with mine. I mean, I guess EVERYTHING doesn’t have to be purple. I like green and turquoise too.

One comment on “Personal Utensil Set

  • I usually have a little portable set of chopsticks in a small case (you will see them all over in other countries) just made for this for everything except when you need a spoon glad you brought this up.

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