Dandelion Communitea & Raphsodic Bakery – Orlando, Fl

Published June 7, 2012 by Vegan Derby Cat Party

Coming back from Disney, I decided a lunch stop by downtown Orlando was in order. I chose Dandelion Communitea Cafe because we hadn’t tried it yet, and because it was so close to the Raphsodic Bakery, which I was planning on hitting afterwards. Turns out there wasn’t really a need for two separate trips, as Dandelion sells RB’s baked goods on the premises! (But we did go anyway in the hope of finding a “yesterday’s box”.)

Dandelion has a great little menu of vegan friendly, vegetarian food. But they also have a great selection of teas, drinks, and good beer.

Local art is displayed on all the walls of this repurposed house.

The biggest room in the house, the main dining area has a dramatic tufted ceiling.

We both ordered off of the daily specials. These were reasonably priced wraps, that came with chips and a small side for around $9. Free refills on iced tea.

I had the black bean burrito with a side of vegan queso.

Thomas got the sweet potato one with a side of hummus.


They were both really good and super filling. We ended up trading halves which made the meal even better, as they both complemented each other very nicely. Though I did eat the sweet potato one last because it was more dessert like of the two. The vegan queso is made with peanuts and nutritional yeast, and the hummus is made with hemp, but both are excellent, but I really like the hummus a lot. Definitely will have to visit them again. Apparently they’ve been there 6 years! Awesome.

On to Raphsodic Bakery…


As I mentioned at the beginning, I was hoping to find a yesterday’s box. The girl informed me that since they were closed on Sunday, that wouldn’t be possible. However, the last time we came on a Monday they had 2, and we had technically purchased a Day Before Yesterday’s Box, but still, no dice.

We did pick up these 3 cupcakes, though. I was excited to try the fresh cupcakes, since I’d only had the stale ones before, but actually, I found the cake to be a bit on the dry side, sort of like the older ones had been. The flavors were good though. Pictured: Lemon Blueberry, Ginger Pear, and Chocolate Raspberry.


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