Reuniting in Winter Haven, Citricos @ The Grand Floridian, Pecos Bill Cafe, & other Disney goodness

Published June 5, 2012 by Vegan Derby Cat Party

This year a few things decided to coincide into one weekend. Thomas’ high school reunion in Winter Haven, Star Wars weekends at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and GayDays at Disney. While Star Wars weekends actually go on for several weeks, we decided that this was a good, festive opportunity to hit all events. Since the high school reunion was Saturday, we didn’t hit Disney until Sunday. The Gay Days main event is Saturday at the Magic Kingdom, so the Sunday Epcot day didn’t prove quite as spectacular as the main event, but it was still fun “drinking around the world” and beating the heat with ice-cold libations.

And now I take you on a very picture filled post journey into our weekend…

Here we are at the reunion.

On the monorail on our way to Epcot!

Did you notice my Star Wars trilogy shirt?

Drinking a fiesta margarita that we picked up in Mexico about to get on the Maelstrom ride in Norway.

I should mention that I picked up some edamame at a kiosk in China. Thomas got an Oktoberfest beer and a large pretzel in Germany too. : )

Here we are drinking beer at the Rose & Crown Pub in England. That’s a Bass in my hand.

Here I am, waiting in line for the Star Tours ride at Hollywood Studios. C3PO!

Eventually we got hungry. This is the veggie burger from the Pecos Bill Cafe in Frontierland in the Magic Kingdom. They now have a vegan multigrain bun! Yay! Apple slices for the win.

I smothered it with yummies from the toppings bar.

It was actually terrific and had all kinds of roasted veggies in it like corn, carrots and possibly broccoli?

After this we were able to wander around the Magic Kingdom for awhile before hitting Space Mountain, and then having just enough time to haul it over to the super swanky Grand Floridian for our dinner reservation. Thomas even brought jeans in his backpack for the occassion.

I probably should have taken some pictures of the resort and restaurant, but at this point we were pretty beat up from hitting three parks under the blazing Florida sun. So you can just click the link!

Citricos – The Grand Floridian

Citricos has plenty of vegetarian options to start with, so I figured my vegan presence would go over fairly well here. The fact that they had a delicious sounding seared tofu entree helped too! Like last time, once we were seated the waitress came over to discuss my food allergies with me. (I put them on my reservation when I booked it online.) She laughed once I told her that I was actually vegan, and only allergic to mushrooms. Then the chef came over and assured me that he could make the entree without mushrooms easily, and that both of their table breads were vegan too; and I love bread.

Multigrain and seed bread, and kalamata olive bread! YUM!

My wonderful tofu dish with zucchini, lentils, and greens. Bursting with fresh flavors and veggies!

Unfortunately none of their regular dessert options were vegan. I had doubts about the gelato, but the sorbet was off limits too. So they offered what the restaurant at the Polynesian had offered me last time, which as it turns out is a pretty great alternative, and only $5!

Tofutti vanilla ice cream and fresh berries. Thomas remarked that the ice cream tasted just like whipped cream. I had to agree!

The happiest place on earth continues to impress me with their ever increasing vegan friendliness. We had a really wonderful weekend. I would DEFINITELY recommend Citricos if you feel like doing some fine dining in the resort.

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