Daiya Cheese – Jack Style Wedge

Published May 31, 2012 by Vegan Derby Cat Party


So… have you tried Daiya’s newest product yet?

This came for me at a time when I had already begun to shun vegan cheese due to it’s inherently processed nature. I’ve been sticking to the old skool, vegan classic, nooch (nutritional yeast) for pizza toppings and cheesy sauces. Then I heard about the wedge, and was mildly curious; so on our last shopping trip, I threw caution to the wind and picked one up.


It comes in a handy resealable container, and in a nice block shape. Though it’s an almost creamy textured cheese, it’s still firm enough to cube or slice, but you can spread it on a cracker too.

The taste wasn’t quite what I expected. I mean, I guess I expected it to taste like real jack, which of course, it didn’t, but it didn’t taste like Daiya shreds either. What set it apart is that it didn’t have any of that overly sweet thing going on that the shreds do. While I like them on pizza and in baked Italian food, I can’t imagine just eating a hunk of that. I found that I couldn’t just sit there and eat it by itself at first, but that it made a lovely accompaniment to dried fruits like dates and raisins. In fact you can stuff the dates with it, and eat way too many.

Well, I guess all this taste testing got me used to the flavor because now I can eat a little piece of it, all by itself.

I recommend giving it a try if you haven’t already. I really like the texture, and am now hooked on the flavor. : )


3 comments on “Daiya Cheese – Jack Style Wedge

  • I liked it, but it did a number on my tummy…perhaps because I ate so much of it very quickly b/c it was tasty. I’m not sure if I would purchase it again though. I kind of like the homemade “solid” cheeses better though I still love the Daiya shreds.

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