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Published May 15, 2012 by Vegan Derby Cat Party

I’ve been wearing almost nothing but Danskos and Sanitas for years now. I originally got hooked on them when I was working retail in a uniform shop. Working in retail for years, and then in the medical field, these became the only shoes I’d work in. However, as my feet got spoiled over time, they also became the only shoes I really care to wear. I will occasionally don the requisite heels for fancy dresses and events, but thankfully I’ve even been able to get some decent looking sandals over the years that I can wear to all my less formal outings.Though I’m not sure what I’ll do when those give out. (Thankfully, if I don’t work in them, they seem to last almost forever.)

So now let’s talk vegan. It’s been over 2 years now since I took the plunge into a vegan diet. I wasn’t one of those that became super vegan overnight, though. For a long time it was strictly diet, though it did make me pause when making some other choices. Over time I’ve slowly started to veganize other parts of my life. One of these discoveries was my Urban Decay mascara, which I’m not sure how I lived without. It is by far the best mascara, ever, in my opinion, vegan or not! But I digress…

Both Dansko and Sanita have been making vegan clogs for years. The only problem is up until now they were gaudy, hideous and impractical for medical or kitchen workers. They were using fabrics like felt, flannel, etc. in crazy, colorful patterns. And frankly, some of us are more of the black patent [faux] leather variety. In the last year they both finally made some advances. Sanita made a plain black pleather version of their “professional” which you can get in both men’s & women’s sizing, as both a first quality or much more economically priced factory second at here! (You’ll also find some not too, too, psychedelic vegan sandals on there on clearance right now!)

And then Dansko came out with a new collection of coated canvas clogs that really answered the call for me. They made 3 different patterns of this clog, and two plain. One in all white, and one that is all black (and shiny!) I couldn’t resist picking up this blue pair for work, even if it was still flowery because it matched my scrubs. Their vegan line has a perforated foamy type liner inside in lieu of the leather liner, which is believe it or not, even more comfortable than the originals. These are literally like walking in house slippers with amazing arch support. The fact that they’re coated canvas is a great idea too for durability’s sake. (Not to mention easy to clean up!) That’s what all those incredibly old Louis Vuitton trunks, as well as modern bags are made of, and they last eternally!



So what’s the difference between the two brands?

Well, there really shouldn’t be much of one since Dansko had the patent from Sanita for years, but the fit IS different. Sanita’s run more narrow than Dansko’s. I’ve always been a true 7.5 (sometimes 7), and these only come in euro sizing. So in Danskos I’ve always worn 38s, but they were pretty loose. Sometimes in Sanitas the 38’s instep is a bit uncomfortably tight for me. So basically, I wear thick socks with Danskos and thin socks with Sanita. The arch hits me just a teensy bit better in the Sanitas, but I think that’s just because it’s a smaller shoe overall, and therefore closer to my true size. So you may need to try both to figure out which one is better for your foot and needs. I like shopping at because you get free shipping both ways, so if it doesn’t work out, you’re not out any shipping or gas. Plus, they usually ship to you in 2 days, and you don’t have to set foot inside a mall! : )

My hope is that if they get enough interest, they’ll start making some other styles, like strappy, black sandals before my current ones wear out! Hope this is useful to some of you out there!


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  • Where I work a lady took a picture of a pop can on her desk and posted it to facebook. In the background of the picture was her computer screen with confidential information on it. It was a complete accident, but she was fired none-the-less. Hopefully the same thing didn’t happen to you!

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