Babycakes Downtown Disney – Lake Buena Vista, Fl

Published March 11, 2012 by Vegan Derby Cat Party

On our way over to Orlando from Winter Haven, I decided making a pit stop at Downtown Disney would be a good idea, so we could check out Babycakes, and Thomas agreed, since he wanted to check out the Disney stores for Star Wars and Nightmare before Christmas merch. ; )

Since our phones had not yet recovered from their battery death, I brought the ipad in with us, so I wouldn’t have to give you another picture-less post. (Points to Thomas for that one!)

As a new vegan, I had eaten some cupcakes and pumpkin bread at the New York location which I really enjoyed, but today I was on a mission for vegan doughnuts. Under the doughnuts, however, was a whole batch of cornbread, and we’re both really big suckers for cornbread, so I picked up 2 slices of that as well as a cinnamon sugar doughnut and a vanilla cookie crunch doughnut.


The doughnuts were both good, with the cookie crunch one being my favorite of the two. They had seams as if they had been baked in a pan, but I’m not sure of their method.  The cornbread was a bit of a let down, cakey and a little bit too crumbly. It was also way too salty, so I would say skip it. If you’re already in the area, and looking for a vegan doughnut, definitely go check them out, but if you’re in Orlando, I don’t think it’s worth the drive simply to come here, but that’s just me.

Heads up! Babycakes is located inside of the Pollo Campero (chicken place) pavillion, tucked away in the corner, but as long as you know that, it will be easy to find. There’s a little kiosk to the left that sells juice, coffee & tea that you can buy to accompany your baked goods.

(And yes, that kid totally opened up the umbrella.)

And here is Thomas gleefully showing you how it looks from outside. 🙂

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