Carrot Juice in the Vitamix Blender

Published March 1, 2012 by Vegan Derby Cat Party

I had been really wanting to try out a raw carrot cake recipe (post to follow) and needed to come up with either 2 cups of shredded carrots or carrot juice pulp. I decided I might as well go with the juice & pulp, since I’d have 2 things to show for my efforts. Since I was using a cheesecloth to strain, I worked in 2 batches. I was able to use some of the 1st batch of juice for the 2nd batch’s wetting agent, resulting in a total of 1 cup of added filtered water to the recipe, and nice potent juice. It took 2 pounds of carrots to get 2 cups of very dense, dry pulp. I had about 28? ounces of juice that I went on to use as a base to make a nice green juice.

Carrot Juice in the Vitamix

2 lbs carrots, scrubbed and cut into 1-2″ pieces
1 cup of filtered water


1. Add half of the carrots and 1 cup of water to the vitamix. Slowly bring the blender up to full speed, using the tamper to push carrots down, as necessary. When fully blended strain using a cheesecloth over a sieve (as pictured) or with a nut milk bag.

2. Add remaining carrots to blender with 1 cup of carrot juice. Blend & strain. Enjoy!











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