Green juice in the Vitamix, my 1st try

Published February 12, 2012 by Vegan Derby Cat Party

Saturday was a very lazy reading and relaxing day for me, and one of the things I did was skim over Crazy Sexy Diet again. I had read it a while back, and that’s what originally got me into drinking green smoothies, so I figured it wouldn’t be a bad idea to take a peek at it again. This time it left me thinking, green juice … hmm…. (& also that I need to exercise, meditate, do yoga, but one thing at a time!) but since the last thing I want to do is go out and buy a juicer, I went to the internet to guide me on how to make green juice with my Vitamix. Watching this video confirmed pretty much what I had figured would be the way to do it. I don’t have a nut milk bag, but I [finally] just purchased a cheesecloth the other day, so I made this little setup.

Cheese cloth spread out over a fine mesh seive over a 4 c. measuring cup.

This actually worked out quite well! I used what I had on hand…

1 c. of water (I used a little more, but could’ve used just 1 cup)
1 small orange, peeled with a little pith left on
3 small carrots, cut into pieces
1 small bunch of celery
1/2 bag of baby spinach
1″ piece of ginger


Once I got that blended, I then added a small romaine heart that I chopped into pieces first.


and blended some more…


Then I poured it into my cheesecloth/seive/measuring cup rig.


I did it in two parts. Most of it the first time, and then I added the last of it, and squeezed some more. Some of the blended mixture shot out of the cheese cloth, so it was good I was doing it over the seive. This took a while.


After all this, I ended up with 2 cups of green juice and a cheesecloth full of pulp.


I rinsed off the seive and put it on top of my glass and ran it through as I poured it in. Just a little more pulp was caught. I took a few sips, and stuck it in the freezer to chill a bit, as it was pretty warm at this point.



It wasn’t bad. It was definitely better chilled, but I did add a squirt of raw agave to make it pretty good. It had a strong celery taste, but I got used to it more as I drank it. I definitely felt like I was doing something good for all my little cells. 😉 This method was kind of a pain, but it beats buying a juicer and cleaning all of its many parts every time, at least for me, at least for right now. Hah!

I don’t think I have enough pulp to make much in the way of juice pulp crackers, but I still may try to make a small batch in the toaster oven. I’ll letcha know!

PS– I took all these pictures with my ipad cam, and they came out pretty grainy. Is there a setting I need to change?

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