Terry Hope Testing: White Bean Farro Soup & Tofu

Published February 2, 2012 by Vegan Derby Cat Party

So I’m very pleased to report that I made good on my promise, and finally got to testing some recipes from Terry Hope Romero’s upcoming book. I chose the white bean farro soup, because the ingredients seemed like they’d be tasty together and easy to find (many others that have caught my eye had hard to find ingredients), and then I decided to try out her basic tofu recipe [which was already closed due to enough feedback] to serve on the side.

When it came to finding the farro at WF, I was totally blind. Because the first isle I went to to look for it (the rice & grains isle) was actually the last place I found it. I don’t know why, but I kept missing it. I also read pretty much every bin they had, three times to make sure it wasn’t there. But low and behold, it was there the whole time, staring me in the face. I’m so glad I did  find it though, because this soup came out AWESOME.

Oh, hi!

rinsed and resting to dry while i prep the veggies

After mincing the garlic by hand I got lazy and threw the rest of the veggies into the fp to make it easy.

Making chickpea parm for topping the soup.

chickpea parm dough ball

chickpea parm, spread to cool.

Tofu came out almost burned and a bit overcooked. Still tasted good, just needs the baking time cut down a bit. Pan is still soaking!

Chickpea parm, not as finely textured as I was supposed to, but really tasty.

All together now.


I LOVED the soup! The farro had a lovely chewy texture, and the flavors were really lively and fresh, especially with the addition of the bright chickpea parm. I added in the optional spinach, but it also called for parsley, so it was nice to have lots of green in my cooked soup. The tofu tasted great, it was just a little tough, but baking for my customary 30 minutes would take care of that, and it was well seasoned and had a surprising amount of heat [for a basic recipe] which I appreciated.

So off to a good start! I have two other recipes of hers that I want to make, one is a raw dip (yay, raw!) and the other is pending my finding an ingredient. I thought I’d take a chance since other people seemed to be able to find gyoza wrappers, but I didn’t yet.

Stay tuned!

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