Greenwave Cafe – Plantation, Fl

Published January 24, 2012 by Vegan Derby Cat Party

We finally got to try Greenwave Cafe! I’ve had a friend telling me for years that I needed to go, but it was especially nice since we’ve eating mostly raw. At some point they expanded their hours too, to include dinner, making it more accessible for us.

Since we started the high raw eating during the week, weekends are our whatever we feel like eating time. After having pizza & breadsticks for dinner Friday night, and leftovers for brunch on Saturday, I was ready to eat something a little fresher. We were kind of already in the area since I made Thomas go with me to the Le Creuset outlet (I was good! didn’t buy anything!), but by the time we got there I was a little carsick and pretty famished. It was quite busy and all the tables seemed to be full when we arrived, but then some people waiting for pick-up orders got up, and we were able to get a table pretty quickly.


I explained my “I just need to eat something, quick” situation to the gentleman that came to our table, and he said he knew just what I meant. He asked if we would like soup or salad, because he could get us those right away, and soup or salad comes with all the entrees. Once he told us the soup was curried butternut squash, we were sold.

This restaurant is all raw vegan, so I was expecting cold soup, but this soup came surprisingly warm, and was SO DELICIOUS! It was creamy and spicy and ended way too soon. We speculated that I  might be able to make a similar soup in my Vitamix and just let it get warmed to a not too high temperature like this one. (Raw food is generally food that is not cooked/warmed over 115-120*F, for those not in the know.)

PS-I read in one of my books that you can heat soups on the stove over low heat using your finger as a thermometer to not let it get too hot.


For dinner we decided to order the burrito and vegan cheese burger, and split them. The cheese burger came with some unfortunate mushrooms on top (fortunate for Thomas), and were scraped onto a certain fungi loving boy’s plate. (But I still got a little itchy later after eating my half, but no hives!) I guess I should really remember to ask if things come with mushrooms. I always forget about them if they’re not listed because they’re so out of my conscious thoughts.


Thomas & I thought both of the dishes were really good, but we both thought the burrito was the better dish. It was just SUPER tasty. The cheeseburger came served on their “famous” raw onion bread, which I bought a package of before we left. The burger was slighty sweet, but they assured me there weren’t any additional ‘shrooms in the patty.


Thomas & I are admittedly pumpkin fans, so when we saw pumpkin ice cream listed on the wall of desserts, we both knew we had to order it. I also ordered a slice of chocolate banana pie, in case that wasn’t enough. 😉 Of course we LOVED the pumpkin ice cream and further discussed how I could recreate it at home. It definitely tasted like pumpkin, almonds?, and spices, so I’ll be testing some ideas out. The chocolate banana pie came sprinkled with coconut flakes (which Thomas doesn’t like, so I scraped some off sections for him) but couldn’t compete with it’s icy, orange hued sister.



After this we were pretty full. We only ate half the pie, and barely finished the ice cream. Which was surprising, because we didn’t feel that full after the dinner courses, but I guess it caught up to us. That’s been the most surprising thing all and all about eating this way… how full you can get on seemingly light meals.

Greenwave Cafe is a casual restaurant, with a well priced menu and friendly staff, and they will certainly be getting a lot more business from us. They’re open 11:00 am – 9 pm Tuesday – Saturday, and host an Organic Indoor Farmers Market 8 am – 2 pm on Mondays (Cafe Closed on Monday & Sunday). Located at 5221 West Broward Blvd Plantation, Fl 33317, and reachable by (954) 581 8377 &

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