Beet Burgers

Published January 16, 2012 by Vegan Derby Cat Party

This was one of the dinners that Thomas had picked out from Raw Food: A guide for every meal of the day, which has turned out to be my favorite of the raw books. The recipes are simple, easily adaptable, always work, and don’t require a lot of prep, or a dehydrator to prepare. This was also one of the two recipes he picked that involved beets.

I’ve never bought beets before, so I was kind of perplexed when I looked in the bin at WF and saw that they had small ones like these, and also big giant ones. So I bought 1 big one and 4 little ones. This recipe called for 3 beets, so I used the 4 little ones. It turns out beets are really messy, but at least they stain your hands a really nice hot, hot pink. (This made me wonder if that’s what they use for the vegetable based Manic Panic shade of the same name that once graced my tresses. The fact that it easily rinsed off of everything but my hand sort of verified it, at least for me.)


Recipe called for beets, carrots, avocado, lemon juice, sea salt, dijon mustard and pistachios were listed as optional, so I threw in a small handful of walnuts instead. The “burgers” are served on romaine leaves and garnished with capers.




Results: The recipe leads you to believe that it’s going to taste something like a burger, but it doesn’t. And really, that’s okay with me. It kind of grossed me out to associate the lovely beets with bloody meat. It would still taste good, or even better if you called it Beet Mash on Romaine. My hand did lose the pink fairly quickly too, which was a relief! I served these with some hot brown rice simply cooked with a pinch of sea salt. I ate the leftover rice with meals the last two days too, though, I have to tell you, today I really just wanted more raw food instead, so that’s what we’re having for dinner. It’s funny how you crave what you start eating. Raw food is addictive. Watch out! ; )

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