Raw Friday: the rawness continues

Published January 8, 2012 by Vegan Derby Cat Party

Friday the raw continued. Thomas had to take the car down to Miami, but was able to pick me up for a lunch date, so we headed over to 4th Generation Organic Market in east Boca for a nice raw lunch. I had a slight headache, a busy morning at work, and had only had some ginger tea, so I was kind of hyper and cranky when he grabbed me.

I mention this also because the slight headache lasted all day and I think it was due to eating high raw for about a day, and my body was likely starting to detox. Thankfully the next day it was gone.

Consequently, I forgot I wanted to try the highly recommended raw pizza that they usually have already ready in the refrigerated case. I got a raw mock tuna wrap and he got the raw hummus & falafel wrap. I’d had both of these before so I knew they were safe bets. I also picked up a couple of cookies and some maccaroons (not pictured.) I ate one of the raw chocolate maccaroons right away (coconut and cacao nibs, amongst other things) to get my blood sugar up. These things are mad delicious in any flavor! I always pick some up whenever I go there. The cookies were just okay. The wraps were wonderful.



After work, we picked up my lovely friend and author of the introspective Why is my cat so sad? blog and made a trip to Total Wine to stock the fridge for Friday night fun. Beer isn’t raw, but at least some of the beer I bought was organic?! ; )

For dinner I made the Broccoli Salad with Raisins from Raw Food. This awesome salad is so much more than broccoli and raisins! It also has carrots, red onion (I used a shallot), tomato, sun-dried tomatoes, an apple, raisins, sunflower seeds, lemon juice, olive oil, salt & pepper. This says two servings, but the three of us were able to each have about a bowl and a half full. So definitely enough for two people to be very full, and then some. So good!


Later I wanted a sweeter snack, so I decided to make the Every Occasion Balls, since I had all the ingredients. The recipe called for walnuts, raisins, honey, carob powder, salt and optional coconut flakes for rolling. I subbed agave for honey and raw cacao powder for carob powder.


I think I processed the walnuts for a little too long, because the mixture was INCREDIBLY oily. (I think I must’ve been close to making walnut butter!) I put the little dough ball into several sheets of paper towel and squeezed. It soaked through about 7 sheets of paper towel. Then I rolled them out. They were still unbelievably oily at this point, so Mary decided we should try rolling a couple in coconut flakes. This made them taste kind of like raisin bran, which is fine, but I was still freaked out about the amount of grease. We also decided that they were way too big (makes 12), so I broke them up into halves or thirds, re-rolled them and put them in a paper towel lined container in the fridge overnight. This morning they were a really great texture and the oil had either absorbed into the paper towels or back into the balls. Regardless, I would recommend proccessing less and refrigerating or freezing for sure. I know the walnuts have nice omega-3 fat, but that was just a little out of control!


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