Half Raw Weekend

Published January 8, 2012 by Vegan Derby Cat Party

We were fortunate enough to have some of our very good friends over for most of this weekend. I made Thomas, Mary and I green smoothies for breakfast Saturday morning. Later we had some of those cacao, walnut & raisin balls for a snack, and we had raw “burritos” from Raw Food for an early dinner. Unfortunately I only had 1 avocado, so I couldn’t double the recipe (serves 2) so it was a very light meal, a very tasty light meal. So tasty in fact, that I’m making it again for dinner for us tonight. 🙂



After dinner I made a raw apple pie, covered it, and set it in the fridge. I made this yummy treat before, and remembered that it was way better after sitting in the fridge overnight. I didn’t have any dates so I subbed apricots and raisins instead.





Fast forward into the wee hours of the night. Five of us are hanging out, drinking beer, and playing board games, and it occurs to me that I’m pretty hungry, and I’m sure everyone else is too. Timb had mentioned something earlier about vegan cornbread, and the seed has been planted. In a few minutes I’m in the kitchen getting cornbread muffins into the oven. (Thomas took a picture! I was dancing on a stool whilst getting out the muffin liners. Polka dots make it party pretty.)

I also figured that this would be a good time to finish off the rosemary mashed potatoes and sweet onion sauce in the fridge. Behold our lovely little starch filled snack plates! These were very well received. Timb & I also got into that not quite set yet apple pie. It was delicious. (And even more so the next day!)


Sunday morning I decided that since I had already broke raw the night before, some “buttermilk” herb biscuits were probably the best option to offer to my three overnight guests. Those biscuits sure were warm, yummy, and comforting, but we ate raw for the rest of the day after that. I figured the weekend was a good warm up, and that it’d probably be a lot easier to eat full raw for the rest of the week. So that’s what we’ve been doing. I’ll keep you posted! ; )

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