Vegan Blue Cheese & Fruit Crunch Kale Salad

Published January 5, 2012 by Vegan Derby Cat Party

While flipping through Raw Food Real World, I spotted a meyer lemon dressing made from lemons, honey, olive oil, and salt & pepper. I had a bag of lemons in my fridge, two bunches of kale on the counter, and that brand new brick of vegan blue cheese I was dying to use, and came up with this. If you don’t have a fancy high powered blender you can just use lemon juice instead.

Lemon Vinaigrette Dressing

4 small lemons, ends removed and peeled leaving a little pith
raw agave and/or maple syrup, to taste
drizzle of oil
salt & pepper

Vegan Blue Cheese & Fruit Crunch Kale Salad

2 bunches of kale, washed, ribs removed, and finely chopped
1 pear, shaved into salad with peeler
1 apple, finely chopped
3-4 ounces of vegan blue cheese, crumbled
a few handfuls of raisins
handful of dried cranberries
handful of chopped walnuts
handful of sunflower seeds


1. Add lemons to blender and turn up to high speed to pulverize seeds and pith. With blender running, drizzle in olive oil to desired consistency. Sweeten with agave and/or maple syrup, and add a pinch of salt and a little fresh ground pepper, to taste.

2. In a very large bowl add all ingredients and drizzle with about half of the dressing. Toss salad by massaging with clean hands until all ingredients are well distributed. Top with additional dressing, raisins, seeds or nuts as desired.





And here was my lovely green smoothie lunch today! It feels good to eat clean again.


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