High Raw & Green

Published January 4, 2012 by Vegan Derby Cat Party


Guess who’s going to be eating high raw & drinking green smoothies again, for at least the rest of the week? If you answered “you are!”, you are correct. If you answered “I am!” You may be my boyfriend, or just coincidentally feeling our need for clean.

After last night’s complete starch fest made up of 4 Veganomicon recipes & a batch of biscuits, I was really feeling like we needed some serious green back in our life. All the holiday comfort foods and sweets have left me and my body feeling gross and sluggish, so it’s time for an informal detox. When I told Thomas I wanted to go back to green smoothies and raw food for the week, he was all for it. I made an impressive shopping trip to Whole Foods today after work, and found that I got a whole lot of healthy food and even some dish soap and paper towels for just under what I normally spend on a serious trip, so that was nice too.

We put all of the pots that normally frequent my counter back in the oven since it will be getting a well deserved respite.


I also bought a bunch of hummus because they were on sale for only 99 cents each, and it’s pretty much Thomas’ fave snack. Two of them are oil free, and the other two are not bad. I figure eating them with carrot sticks makes for a pretty reasonable and healthy snack.


I also decided to give this vegan blue cheese a try for salads. I taste tested it right out of the package as soon as I got home. It really does taste just like blue cheese. A quick look at the ingredients reveals that it’s essentially seasoned tofu, and given the texture, that makes a lot of sense. I loved it, and it’s not even bad for you.



These are the two raw books I will be using. I have used the one on the right a bit previously, and had good results. The one on the left is written by the owners of New York’s super fancy Pure Food & Wine, (never been there!) and the recipes are a little more intricate, but I figure I’ll try a couple of those too while I’m at it.

Stay tuned! : )


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