20k Baking Night: Vegan Pie in the Sky’s Voluptuous Pumpkin Pie

Published October 22, 2011 by Vegan Derby Cat Party


So a few exciting things to report in this post.

First, thanks to all of you reading the blog out there. At the time of this writing, cpv had just passed 20,000 hits. Pretty exciting for me! 🙂

Second, I received my copy of Vegan Pie in the Sky this week, Isa Chandra Moskowitz and Terry Hope Romero’s latest volume on pies, tarts, and such. I had it on pre-order for the last couple of months, and was thrilled when I came home one day and it was waiting for me. The first recipe that caught my eye was the Brownie Bottom Peanut Butter Cheesecake. Just look at that title! Need I say more? After a thorough reading, I placed an amazon order for things I would need to become a Vegan Pie in the Sky goddess… springform pans, a tart pan, pie weights, and agar powder. (I only had agar flakes. They expressly warn you against using the flakes!)

Invigorated by said agar powder’s arrival, I flipped through the book one more time. I found this recipe for pumpkin pie, which is actually their adaptation of the one from The Vouptuous Vegan, and decided to give it a try since I had all the ingredients. That, and I’ve been meaning to kick off my preparation posts for Thanksgiving. This is actually going to be the 1st of several posts about Thanksgiving related foods as we get closer to the holiday. Since this is my 1st Thanksgiving spent at home fully vegan, I want to make sure that I have some well tested recipes to bring to the occasion.

Third, we finally got a cold front, so the weather dropped to the low 60s, and I opened up all the windows, preheated the oven, and got into a serious baking groove! Yay! : )

Now on to the pie…

I was pretty excited that the instructions called for making the pie filling in the blender. Not only did that let me use my Vitamix for something other than green smoothies for once, but it also made it a super easy to make! I happened to have some whole wheat vegan pie crusts in the freezer from last year, when I was going to attempt pumpkin pie (!) so this was a pretty good excuse to put those to use. I used two cans of squash* for the 3 c. of pureed squash called for, and one was pumpkin and the other was butternut squash. This seemed to work pretty well except maybe it was just a little more than three cups, because the pie plate seemed pretty full on what poured out of the blender, so I didn’t even bother scraping it out.

*So yah, you may be thinking, huh? butternut squash? But Isa gives you the greenlight on using any winter squash you care to try. And that canned pumpkin that a lot of companies sell to you under the pumpkin name is usually not pumpkin, anyway! It’s generally a combination of different winter squashes like Hubbard, Boston Marrow squashes, butternut squashes and/or the Dickinson pumpkins that Libby’s uses. Google it!

If you're using canned pumpkin, I recommend using one of these small spatulas that are perfect for scraping cans.

Everybody in! Could a recipe get easier than this? Just blend after adding it all.


Pour in the pie crust.

Fresh out of the oven.

After cooling in the fridge over night.

And finally, a bit messy on the plate.


Well, this pie isn’t THEE pumpkin pie for me. The biggest thing I have against it is the consistency. When it came out of the oven, it seemed to still be very liquidy. After a night of chilling in the fridge the filling still only firmed up to a pudding texture, and it formed a thick skin on top. That being said, it is still pretty tasty. I would probably make it just a little more spiced if I made it again. When I tasted the batter out of the blender, I wasn’t convinced it was sweet enough, but after the tasting the completed pie, I thought the sweetness was just right.

My mom’s standard pie is the Libby’s pumpkin pie recipe that comes on the can label (since 1950!). I may try to duplicate that by special ordering some vegan condensed with vegan evaporated milk, while there’s still time. I’ll probably also take another stab at an existing vegan pumpkin pie recipe. Any suggestions? If all else fails, I may attempt a pumpkin pie cheesecake instead. I will keep you posted!


I bought some SOYATOO! Soy Whip to top my pie with and it is absolutely DELISH! So much for making home made vegan whipped cream! ; ) This pie tastes even better on day 2 with the whip, and firmed up a little bit more. Plus, the whip makes it a bit prettier. I just ate two slices for breakfast!

**** 11/23/11 Final Edit, day before Thanksgiving:

After many trials I finally perfected my own pumpkin pie recipe!  Ty’s Perfect Pumpkin Pie! 😀


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