Veggie Samosas & Pear-Apple Chutney

Published October 4, 2011 by Vegan Derby Cat Party

I made a giant batch of The Angelica Home Kitchen’s Pear-Apple Chutney pg. 108, a while back to go with some lentil soup, and had a ton leftover so I decided to make some yummy veggie samosas to eat it up with. Worth mentioning is that the recipe called for currants, which I couldn’t find, so I used raisins instead. Also in lieu of using a tied up cheesecloth sachet, I just added the cloves, sticks of cinnamon, cardamom pods and bay leaf into the pot, and fished them out at the end! : )

I turned to The Indian Vegan Kitchen for some samosa guidance. Luckily she had 2 recipes, one for the filling and dough, and one with instructions on how to use frozen puff pastry dough. I already had the latter in my freezer, so I decided to go the easier route with her Quick Vegetable Pastries pg. 62.  Even with the frozen dough, it still takes a bit of work and diligence as you have to roll it out and stuff 25 pieces. It turned out that I had about half of the filling left when I was finished, so you can definitely use both sheets of pastry dough if you want or need 50 pieces. (I’m going to combine these fragrant leftover mixed vegetables with some leftover enchilada filling I have and make leftovers enchiladas!)

Results: These two recipes tasted great together! The cool chutney was a nice touch served with the flaky, spicy little bundles. This filling is super delicious and really comes through the pastry.







2 comments on “Veggie Samosas & Pear-Apple Chutney

  • Mmmm… your samosas look really good! I love the Indian/American fusion thing you have going on here (and Angelica kitchen is my current absolute favorite place to eat in NYC, which might change once I try Foodswings…)

    I really need to check out both of these cookbooks — thanks for sharing!

    • Oh thanks! Yah, they’re definitely both worth having! Angelica Kitchen is amazing (the Sam or I sandwich!) and I’m thrilled to have it available to me at home, so far away from NYC! You’ll love Foodswings, but of course it’s an entirely different type of place. Definitely vegan junk food, as they claim, but SO yummy! ; )

      I’ll be stoked when I get my Candle 79 cookbook; it’s on pre-order!

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