Fat Free Vegan’s Easy Macaroni and Cheeze

Published October 3, 2011 by Vegan Derby Cat Party


I spotted Fat Free Vegan’s Easy Macaroni and Cheeze recipe on twitter and thought I might give it a try. At first I was going to make mine instead, but I had already been busy making veggie samosas and didn’t have enough energy left for whisking a roux. Also, I wasn’t too sure about the flavor profile of the beer we had in the fridge pairing well with mac n cheese. Two more things made me excited about trying hers. 1. the sauce is made entirely in the blender – EASY! 2. I was out of almond milk and figured since I was making it in the Vita-Mix anyway, I could add almonds to it, if necessary.

Turns out I didn’t need to add any nuts at all. It was perfectly fine and creamy with just substituting [more] water for non-dairy milk! My other changes were about a tbsp. of dijon mustard instead of mustard seed, barley miso instead of white, another 1/4 c. of nutritional yeast, more cayenne pepper, and about a tablespoon of leftover pepper jack Daiya. I served it sprinkled with a little vegan parm on top.

Result: I loved how easy it was to prepare, and was pleasantly surprised at the creamy texture. It’s a great base recipe for you to tweak to your taste! Keeper!

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