Vegan Fire & Spice’s Tempeh Cacciatore & my Baked Penne

Published September 25, 2011 by Vegan Derby Cat Party

Here I prepared another awesome dish from Vegan Fire & Spice and served it with some of my very own Baked Penne for an awesome vegan Italian feast! James was over, and he & Thomas were getting their costumes ready for Thomas’ Superhero birthday party, which was last night. James is a meat and potatoes type of person and didn’t like the tempeh, but had a GIANT second helping of my baked penne, so that was a pretty good compliment. Especially since the penne is loaded full of things he would hate to know he ingested like TVP, nutritional yeast, and vegan cheese. : ) I used brown rice penne here too, just to check it out. It smelled sweet when it was cooking, but was fairly indiscernible in the dish. I used some shallots in the penne sauce for extra flavor.

The Tempeh Cacciatore was outstanding and Thomas & I were only sad that we served it to James without having him try a piece first so there would have been more for us! 🙂 A sauce full of tomato and carrot that just felt like Italian home cooking, and gave the tempeh wonderful flavor. I’m definitely hooked on this book and will be making lots more from it in the future.

brown rice penne

fresh out of the oven!

cacciatore sauce

A really great pairing!

and in our costumes! James (Deadpool), Thomas (Symbiote Spiderman), Me (Black Cat) and our friend Eric (Wolverine)!

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