Whole Foods Prepared Foods Feast

Published September 22, 2011 by Vegan Derby Cat Party


We were doing our weekly grocery shopping on sunday, kinda late, and took a little detour over to prepared foods. Thomas has lots of faves and recommendations, since he used to work at a WF, in this very department. The Buffalo Garlic Tofu is his favorite. We’ve had it before and every once in a while he’ll drive to WF, specifically for the purpose of satisfying his craving for it. It’s really good. We also got the Emerald Sesame Greens which were a little bitter and flavored with ginger, but contrasted well with the sweet Citrus Wheat Berry & Beet Salad, both in flavor and in color. We also tried two types of burgers, the Grain Burgers and the Feel Your Oats Burgers. The grain burgers were really great and mushroom based. The FYO burgers were threaded with all kinds of nice veggies, but left a little to be desired because they were very mushy inside. I tried to bake them to firm them up, to no avail. I ended up mashing them down and baking them to dry them out, and then they were pretty tasty, but I wouldn’t get them again. Overall, we had a very nice vegan feast and I got the night off from cooking to boot! : )


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