Angelica Home Kitchen’s Three Bean Chili w/ Seitan

Published September 18, 2011 by Vegan Derby Cat Party


Next on my list of things to try from the Angelica Kitchen cookbook was the Three Bean Chili w/Seitan, pg. 98. Black beans, kidney beans, green lentils and seitan give the chili its variety of flavors and protein punch. Dried ancho pepper, chipotle peppers (I put in 3 instead of just two, and left the seeds in for extra heat) and sun-dried tomatoes make up the base of the sauce without any chili powder at all. At the restaurant, they serve it with a huge piece of the Southern-Style Cornbread, pg. 158, so I made sure to cook a batch in a skillet while it simmered away. I ended up using all of the cooking water from the beans for the chili and it was still pretty thick, so I simmered it covered for almost all of the time. I thought it could use a little sweetness, and added about a teaspoon of tomato paste, but I could have used more. Once served, the sweetness of the cornbread provided a nice contrast.

3 kinds of legumes, ready to boil & soak

sun-dried tomatoes & chiles getting hydrated

I used about 1/4 - 1/3 of this double batch of seitan i made a couple of days ahead

ground to the perfect consistency

simmer begin

cornbread makes everything better!

all. together. now!

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