Gluten-Free Garbanzo Crust Pizza

Published September 9, 2011 by Vegan Derby Cat Party


I had been meaning to try this recipe since Daiya retweeted it on twitter recently. Not only because it gave me another use for my garbanzo flour (originally bought it for making vegan french toast), but also because my pizza stone broke on its last voyage into the oven making the vegan zombie’s pizza rolls. Thomas was up for the task, so I readied him with all the ingredients. It comes together in a blender (what the author used) or food processor, which is what he used. I put the dough blade in there thinking that was going to be the consistency, but surprisingly, it was more like a batter.

The crust stuck a lot, but I’ll take part of the blame. I hadn’t properly seasoned my skillet because it had been pretty non-stick after a few uses, but I will invest the time to do it right and give it the authentic cast iron properties it deserves. (Mine is le creuset, and thus enameled cast iron, not the exposed kind, so a little different.) Once we were able to get it out of the skillet, it was pretty delicious. The crust was a little crumbly, due in part to losing some of it’s foundation to the skillet, and part to the lack of gluten, but it was nicely seasoned with rosemary for extra flavor. Thomas topped ours with Daiya mozzarella, vegan sausage and sliced black olives. He doubled the recipe so we had 2 small pizzas, which were devoured completely by the two of us.

A really great gluten-free option for those of you that have that restriction!

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