Versailles – Miami, Fl

Published September 7, 2011 by Vegan Derby Cat Party


This is just a simple example of how I eat when I’m out at non-vegan restaurants. I happened to be down in Miami with my family, and we stopped in at “the most famous cuban restaurant in the world” (translated from their menu’s claim), a restaurant from my childhood, Versailles. The same restaurant, in fact, that I broke my vegetarianism at on my 16th birthday to have a bistec empanizado (a thin breaded steak with chopped onions & parsley. PS – I came up with an idea for a vegan version the other day!), but I digress…

I ordered sides of black beans*, boniato frito (fried sweet potato, the white kind), and yuca con mojo (boiled yuca with onions and olive oil with citrus).  The boniato was really nice, it didn’t taste deep fried at all, more like oven fried. My pescetarian mom ordered arroz con moros to share with my dad (which had meat that she picked out), black beans, tostones (fried, flattened, salted plantains) and platanos frito (fried, sweet plantains). So yah, a lot of fried food, but still yummy cuban veg food out with the family. We did not hit the bakery. That definitely would have been torture! Which reminds me, the holidays will be here before I know it, and I still need to perfect some cuban pastries by christmas!

*Please ask about the black beans if you want to be sure they are vegan. I didn’t, because black beans usually are.

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