33rd Birthday Dinners

Published September 5, 2011 by Vegan Derby Cat Party

In case you were wondering where I disappeared to for several days, my birthday was on Monday, and I was lucky enough to have several people cook me dinner over the last week. Thomas cooked me dinner on Monday, which was really great and special, especially since this was the 1st real meal he prepared for me. He made me the most beautifully rolled enchiladas you’ve ever seen, with wild rice!  : )

I also had some delicious potaje (cuban bean stew, in this case red beans) of my mom’s on Wednesday. (not pictured)

Thomas & I, and Mary & Bobby are trying  to do vegan dinners together more often, and she generously offered to cook dinner and bake me a vegan birthday cake this week. Thursday I received a text that said: Breakfast for dinner or mexican pizza? Carrot cake? I chose the breakfast for dinner option and agreed that carrot cake would be wonderful. Here are some shots of my birthday dinner. Tofu scramble, biscuits, tempeh bacon, and these really wonderful potato cakes. The 1st one is mine. The 2nd one was Thomas’ artistic interpretation. 😀

Onto my cake. Bobby decided to make a 3 layer cake and serve us the biggest pieces ever! It was a lot. Complete with candles and super delicious cream cheese frosting. And birthday love. Thanks everyone for the birthday love!!

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