Amy’s Tamale Verde (Vegan)

Published July 16, 2011 by Vegan Derby Cat Party


This is one of my favorites from Amy’s. It’s got all kinds of delicious goodness. I just open one end of the plastic bag and microwave it for 5 minutes, for a less fussy way to get from hungry to fed! I also like that they conveniently label all of their vegan items at the beginning of the ingredients list. I like to cut up the tamale into a bunch of small pieces and mix it into the yummy tomato-y rice. But that’s me, I’m a mixer of foods. Yummy! : )

Make sure you choose carefully. There’s an almost identical package for the one with cheese that I bought accidentally once in a hurry.

2 comments on “Amy’s Tamale Verde (Vegan)

  • thanks!

    haven’t tried that one, but you know it caught my eye the last time i bought these! i’m trying to stay off tofu right now though. i had the tofu scramble (sans hashbrowns?) before and it was delish.

  • I agree! This is one of my favorites of Amy’s. I like so many of her’s. This just has such great flavor! And I am with you about chopping it up and getting all of that goodness so spread around!I I think that Amy’s dinners are just great for lunches! (and dinners). Have you tried her tofu scramble with the hashbrowns? YUMMY!!!

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