New Candle Cafe Frozen Meals – Tofu Spinach Ravioli

Published July 8, 2011 by Vegan Derby Cat Party

Yay! The new Candle Cafe frozen meal line has appeared at my local whole foods! I’ve been anxiously awaiting these, especially after my last attempts with vegan frozen food. (moo moo’s, yuck.) If you don’t know about Candle Cafe & Candle 79, they’re all vegan sister restaurants in NYC, in the upper east side, and they are superb! (links to both places on the right of this page, and you can search cpv for my reviews)

I purchased all 4 entrees to tell you about each, and I’ll start with the Tofu Spinach Ravioli.

This cooked up in 4 minutes and smelled great. The sauce was really tasty, and the cheese is tapioca based, so I’m thinking that means Daiya mozzarella in there. The ravioli themselves were pretty good, but maybe could use a touch more seasoning. All in all, a very enjoyable meal and 11g of protein for 320 calories and 10g of fat. (The two cheesy pasta dishes are the fattiest.) I literally scraped every bit out of my plastic tray.

They were kinda costly at $5.99 a pop, but it’s way cheaper than flying to NY, and I only eat frozen meals a few times a month, so not that big of a deal. Plus, I don’t know of any other frozen vegan ravioli meals, and I really love ravioli! : )

Try it!

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