Sweet & Sara Vegan Smores Review

Published July 6, 2011 by Vegan Derby Cat Party

So after spending two nights in a row watching people devour delicious looking non-vegan birthday cakes, I decided to splurge on this 3″ smore by Sweet & Sara. I’m friends with them on twitter, and can’t help but notice all the glowing reviews, so as soon as I saw it, I had to have it. The real choice was original or peanut butter. One would immediately think, BOTH! But at $3.99 each, these 3″ disks seem a bit pricey, so I just went with the original.

I have to tell you, I totally forgot about marshmallows. This is one yummy little treat. Grahm cracker cookie bottom, with lots of thick, super delcious, spongy marshmallow goodness coated in belgian dark chocolate. Oh, hi. Did I get your attention yet?

I only ate half because there aren’t any nutritional facts, and I’m just figuring two servings is probably the sad truth.

Can’t wait to eat the other half!

I’m glad it was super good, not only because it was expensive, but also because that means that their famous marshmallows will be yummy too, and this opens up some new vegan goody ideas, albeit junky ones. ; ) I mean corn syrup is corn syrup, after all, vegan treat or not, so this is not a treat I would have often, but it’s nice to know that it exists, and I think it’d be great mashed up and mixed into ice cream! Ooh, and the peanut butter one has to be good! Heh…

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